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that so far the book is finished.

I am so glad of your letter just rece'd. I will look for the war bonnet & send it off to you. I am sorry about your eyes troubling you. Be as careful as you can. You are evidently making headway. It is astonishing how much light is thrown upon the Omaha by what you are now doing among the Osage.

I think, that if you are willing we had better omit the Osage material of Bacon Rind. it was put in you may remember, when Mr. Holmes thought our book was not going to be big enough, but the book is full enough without and I do not think it really adds. You will have it in the Osage book. But if you still think it ought to go in I will lay it before Mr. Gurley.

I cannot quite make out what you write about ice turning out to be willow — is there no ice subdivision among the Osage? Is it willow and not ice- I cannot