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Mrs King, you remember where we used to be invited to meet Mr. Krebiel, the musical lady. She and Mrs Robins another musical lady spoke of Cadman & his songs.  both spoke well of them. his health was also mentioned & both hoped that he had started west in time to secure a cure.

Mrs Barrett was here this A.M. for Mrs C. but I did not see her. I was with Mr. Gurley. Mrs. B. told me last week that the house the Hawley's own is very undesirable and that she doubted if they could sell it to any advantage, even get their money back. If that should prove true it will be hard on the widow. I hope it will go better.

Want you write a line to my niece  She would enjoy it. She thinks much of you. 

The parlor lamp has given out  I have to take it down town, & now I must go for it is nearly 12, & I shall be too late for all I must accomplish today, or I must wake earlier this A.M.

Goodbye. Take good care of my dear F.

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