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Home, Jany 24, 1911

My dear Francis
Yours of the 21, has just come, with the two checks aggregating $125 00/100. I will deposit them. [[strikethrough]] & as [[/strikethrough]] Looking at your book when I made out the deposits blank, I find that when your acct was balanced about the middle of Dec. you had, 957.75. Your Dec. dividend of $60. and the two checks now sent, $125.00/100 make 1142.75. In a few days I shall deposit the Jan'y div. which I see has been declared, which is another $60, so that your acct. will be, by the end of the week,

[[tally line]]

You know if you have drawn any checks in Dec. and Jan'y. You have received the one you drew for me $20. & which I returned, so that does not count.

I will however ask the balance when it is given. You must remember that it will not include the last $60. for the div. is not yet due & paid, but will be in a few days.