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I have a letter from Mary Tyndall Mitchell dated Jan'y 19, telling of U.S. Grant's death & also of his half-brother. As she speaks of the church & Mrs Thaid gift to them, I thought I would send the letter to Mrs Thaid to read.

This morning I rec'd a gift of $75 from Mrs T. as a christmas gift. Was it not very generous?

Yesterday a great many people called. You know we are "at home" Monday's in Jan'y. I bought a ½ doz pink roses. They were pretty but not like your beautiful Christmas roses which I often think of, & which I hated to have to leave & go to Providence. I think those Christmas roses was one of the most beautiful bunch of roses you ever gave me, & you have given me many delightful gifts of flowers. Yesterday was Mr Parsons birthday & I took them to him in the evening.

Mr Andrews was here. To my astonishment I learned that Gen'l. Andrews is over 80. He was not very well & so did not call. Several persons inquired after you, & I told them of the fine work you are doing. I am called to the Smithsonian to a conference concerning getting the names & families of Inds. after our matter of indexing the tribe when allotted. Will tell you of it by & bye, for I must go now. Be very careful. May gain come to you.

Ever affy
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