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It would be a difficult task to separate the fragments. When you get the Osage myths, then we may be able to do some thing at any rate you can have something in your Osage book about your idea.

You did not give the translation of Wa-to'ta na. I have a vague memory of the word. I very much fear only a single line only could be counted in as a foot-note that could be "A Nickname - not [[strikethrough]] the [[/strikethrough]] true name." What do [[?]] they call themselves? You can put the story in your book. that is, if the Osage use the same nickname. It is a queer story. 

The Homestake div. is paid. If possible I'll go to the Bank tomorrow.

Do you mean that you want to come home & have me help to transcribe the music & clean up the Waxube rituals you have from Sunny Calf. before hot weather?  It would be good to have you home for any reason.

It is very warm here & raining only a little.

In haste to catch mail.

[[signature]] M. [[/signature]]