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Mexico. ([[underline]]Gift. [[/underline]])

[[check mark]] From [[underline]] R. Ridgway. [[/underline]] Washington D.C. - One young (half grown) Turkey Buzzard, from Washington, D.C.; one Downy woodpecker, from Wheatland Indiana and one Yellow-bellied Sapsucher, from Laurel, Md. ([[underline]]Gift. [[/underline]])

[[underline]] Specimens distributed. [[/underline]]

Only one specimen was sent out during August: an example of [[underline]] Dendroica pityophila [[/underline]] having been sent to Mr. C.B. Cory, of Boston, Mass., for identification.

[[underline]] Minor routine work. [[/underline]]

Official letters written .. 26
" [[ditto for Official]] memoranda " [[ditto for written]].. 16
Requisitions " [[ditto for written]].. 9
Orders for work " [[ditto for written]].. 2