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[[check mark]]
specimens (three species from California ([[underline]] Gift. [[/underline]])

[[check mark]] From the [[underline]] U.S. Fish Commission, [[/underline]] Washington, D.C. - 117 specimens (20 species) from the Galapagos Archipelago, collected by Mr. Chas. H. Townsend.

From [[underline]] Br. Geisler [[/underline]], - New Guinea. - 29 specimens (7 species), chiefly Birds of Paradise, from New Guinea. ([[underline]] Purchased [[/underline]].)

[[underline]] Minor routine work. [[/underline]]  

Official letters written ..  37
"[[ditto for Official]] memoranda  "[[ditto for written]] .. 40
Requisitions, (house) "[[ditto for written]] .. 10
"[[ditto for Requisitions]] (outside) 
"[[ditto for written]] ..14
Orders for work "[[ditto for written]] .. 4
Memoranda of packing "[[ditto for written]] .. 1