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Report for April (pages)  5
Papers for publication "[[ditto for pages]] 5
Proof corrected "[[ditto for pages]] .. 1

[[underline]] Papers submitted for publication. [[/underline]] 

(1) Zonotrichia albicollis in California - 1 page, MS. ([[underline]] The Auk. [[/underline]]) 

(2) Spring Arrivals at Washington, D.C. - 4 pages, MS. ([[underline]] The Auk. [[/underline]]) 

[[underline]] Work of Taxidermists. [[/underline]] 

Most of the work done by the taxidermists during the month was connected with the World's Fair exhibit and is of such a complex nature as to preclude any statement of its exact character or extent. Mr. Marshall, however, did some work for the regular collection of the