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[[check mark]] From [[underlined]] Osbert Salvin, [[/underlined]] London, England; 6 specimens of Owls [[underlined]] (Megascops). [[/underlined] (acc. 4374, for examination).

[[check mark]] From [[underlined]] Academy of Natural Sciences, [[/underlined]] Philadelphia, Pa.; 4 specimens of Honey Guides. (acc. 3998, for examination).

[[check mark]] From [[underlined]] American Museum of Natural History, [[underlined]] New York City; 4 specimens of Marsh Wrens [[underlined]] (Cistothorus). [[/underlined]] (acc. 4383, for examination).

From [[underlined]] A.W. Anthony, [[underlined]] San Diego, Calif,; 3 bird skins, types of new species. (acc. 31667. Deposit).

[[check mark]] From [[underlined]] Academy of Natural Sciences, [[/underlined]] Philadelphia, Pa.; three specimens of Owls [[underlined]] (Megascops). [[/underlined]] (acc. 4367. for examination).

[[check mark]] From [[underlined]] Boston Society of Natural History, [[/underlined]] Boston, Mass,; 3 specimens of owls (Megascops). (acc. 4328. for examination).

From [[underlined]] Dr. E. Cones, [[/underlined]] Washington, D.C.; 1 bird skin, type of [[underlined]] Junco danbyi, [[/underlined]] Cones. (acc. 31157. gift).

From [[underlined]] W.B.Judson, [[/underlined]] Highland Park, Calif,; 1 specimen, type of new Hummingbird. (acc. 31284. gift).

From [[underlined]] Wm Palmer, [[/underlined]] U.S. National Museum; 1 specimen of [[underlined]] Oceanodroma [[/underlined]] cryptoleucura from Washington, D.C., (acc. 31752).

From [[underlined]] Joseph Grinnell, [[/underlined]] Pasadena, Calif.; 9 specimens of Towhees, including types of [[underlined]] Pipilo clementaē, [[/underlined]] Grimwell. (acc. 32056, gift).

From [[underlined]] Science College, [[/underlined]] Tokyo, Japan; 2 specimens of Petrels [[underlined]] (ĀĒstrelataand Puffinus). [[/underlined]] (acc. 31817. gift.)

From [[underlined]] Joseph Grinnell, [[/underlined]] Pasadena, Calif.; 12 specimens of Jays [[underlined]] (Aphelocoma). [[/underlined]] (acc. 31661, gift).

From [[underlined]] Rollo H. Beck, [[/underlined]] Berryessa, Calif.; 23 specimens from California. (acc. 31476. gift).

From [[underlined]] Oliver D. Flood, [[/underlined]] Clinton, Mass,; 9 bird skins from Hawaiian Islands. (acc. 31072, Purchase).

From [[underlined]] Ward's Natural Science Establishment, [[/underlined]] Rochester, New York; 7 specimens of Parrots. (acc. 31704. Purchase).

From [[underlined]] J.H. Fleming, [[/underlined]] Toronto, Ontario; 55 bird skins from Canada. (acc. 3896, for examination).

From [[underlined]] Joseph Grinnell, [[/underlined]] Pasadena, Calif.; 36 bird skins from California. (acc. 4145, for examination).

From [[underlined]] California Academy of Sciences, [[/underlined]] San Francisco, Calif.; 20 specimens of water birds from Calif. (acc. 4087, for examination).

From [[underlined]] Eugene Coubeaux, [[/underlined]] Saskatchewan, N.W. Ter., Canada; 10 bird skins. (acc. 31719. Exchange for publications).

From [[underlined]] Joseph Grinnell, [[/underlined]] Pasadena, Calif,; 48 bird skins from California. (acc. 4219. for examination).

From [[underlined]] R.C. McGregor, [[/underlined]] Palo Alto, Calif,; 14 specimens of young birds. (acc. 31268, gift).
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