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Tues, June 21 - 1932. At 8 I telephoned the Indian office to ask Julian Martinez not to begin his panel until I arrive. "But he has begun" "then ask him to stop." At 9 I arrive & find him with his panel quite drawn in - the skunks much alive & Julian sitting before them admiring while Romando was drawing in the girl for Julian. In my Anglo way I came up excited - "did you not get my message to stop this panel-?" He did - smiled Julian - yet both were sweet and reasonable when I asked them if, since dance figures had developed all around the girl - did she and her brood of skunks look in place? And they agreed she would go better elsewhere.

Mr Faris is getting worried that we do not bring more animals into the picture, but I cannot keep them off the dance subjects. That they love most, but I shall gently recommend animals and abstracts whenever expedient. Jo Baker & Teresa came in today and in great enthusiasm looked over the work and the sketches. I explained my plan for running abstracts around the principal panels and groups of panels and Jo threw out illuminating hints and found Hokea's wealth of material baffling to choose from, as I had - so much of it marvellous. Mary Wheelright also came in [[?]] very urgent invitation and was quite lifted up at the thought of what this might unfold - We luncheoned in the New Mexican room at La Fonda and it was good to have a square meal again - I do not have time to eat any more, & last night Louise & I worked on the Proctor cartoons till midnight with the result that when I went to bed my excitement over that and the Indian's work was intense & I had no sleep for hours.

The boys began putting on the color this morning - Louise & I had mixed every bit of in order to establish the scale. I said to my callers - you observe [[my?]] enthusiasm - I am the cheerful color mixer for the Indians! At first [[strikeout]] they [[strikeout]] Romando & others would not use it - but took solid [[?]] from the tubes and white & colors likewise but on our explaining the reasons for getting a large flat effect that could be carried [[strikeout]] [[?]] [[strikeout]] around the whole room and not be jumpy and little, and make holes in the wall, they said we were right, & though Louise had told them I would not insist on their doing anything they felt not right, they changed their