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2nd p. to Tues. July 12-

Talking about them & want to come up to the pow-wow when they are done - says they will dance. Riley told them I would dance! Louise wants to use a severely restricted pallette on the next [[mural??]] we do and Riley & Hokeah would be ready for it. Already they are trying to cling more to the purely "Indian colors". I would have liked to have had this room restricted, leaving in mind certain forceful frescoes from Egypt & Crete in the  Metropolitan - in [[strikethrough]] Indian [[/strikethrough]] Earth red, black, earth yellow & turquoise - exactly the ^ [[insertion]] typically [[/insertion]] Indian color scheme. But the boys were keen for the ^ [[insertion]] many [[/insertion]] bright colors and did not stick to even the generous pallette we proscribed. Most of them see now a finer harmony in a simpler pallette, I believe. Oh they are learning so fast and are easy to teach.

Mary Wheelwright came again and says it is one of it is one of the biggest things done in the Indian world - a thing so great that you are no longer you, or I - I, but all one movement. Paul [[Tsone's??]] sand painting puzzled her because there was a symbol she could not guess, so we searched out the artist and the symbol was a tobacco-pouch (highly conventionalized of course). Mary was troubled that we have no corn, the very heart & soul of so much Indian lore, so now we have asked [[strikethrough]] [[indecipherable]] [[/strikethrough]] Alex to give us a corn design in the panel to the left of Hokeah's buffalo prayer. A room would be finer perhaps that kept to certain themes whereas here we have run wild in our first enthusiasm and have tried to crowd everything as well as every color & every form into it. But this is our experimental laboratory - we will ^ [[insertion]] hope [[/insertion]] to rise the beauty of restraint on forthcoming rooms. [[strikethrough]] [[indecipherable]] [[/strikethrough]]

Teresa & Jo are trying to line up a movie man - a news reel for us - to take pictures of the boys at work and of the paintings at the same time - The nearest news camera is in Denver & to get it here would mean much expense on our part, and we must so interest them in it that they will want to risk it them selves - Made date with Mary [[Austin??]] for tomorrow night, and will write Ann Evans. 

[[Irv. Parsons??]]
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