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Tues - Aug 2 - 

Mr May has gone to the [[insertion]] Navajo ^ [[/insertion]] Reservation to take child bronies [[??]] for a vacation before the school year begins. These children staid here during the summer [[strikethrough]] to roles [[??]] [[/strikethrough]] by choice of themselves or their people to work at various jobs. Our Guuir [[??]] painter was among them and I am sorry to have lost him from the work for Gallup Ceremonial.  The High school teacher who brought me back + forth Today describes his room in the new house are perfect in coolness.  This house was built by the Indian boys last year - they were given the materials and allowed to build it their own way. The first time such a thing had even been done - The house is only the most comfortable but the most beautiful of any of the [[insertion]] 24? ^ [[/insertion]] living houses out there.  John Meenis [[??]] Arts Building is the only one [[strikethrough]] that [[??]] [[/strikethrough}} to surpass or approach [[strikethrough]] ed [[/strikethrough]] it. We are still struggling to improve the outer looks of the stupid building the dining room is in, which is coming if for its - share of criticism, because the decorations "do not suit They building they are in."  My rejoinder "how would You suitably decorate that building?" is met with a smile and "you couldn't, except to do what you did, make one entirely Forget [[strikethrough]] r [[/strikethrough]] the building itself [[insertion]] when ^ [[/insertion]] once inside." 
The new panels were being taken into the auditorium which we are to use for a studio. [[strikethrough]] Since [[/strikethrough]] The gym has a stage + serves as a theater, [[strikethrough]] I was [[/strikethrough]] but this building stands apart like a church, has high [[insertion] white ^ [[/insertion]] walls of some dignity when you enter, and on the stage or raised platform is our altar with altar cloth + cross. My surprise brought the explanation that catholic instruction is given here.

On the walls of the entrance hall today the fear is getting his claws + teeth, the turkeys their feathers, and the buffalo his shaggy mane. "A buffalo's beard hangs stright + not curly" said I in gentle amused criticism. [[strikethrough]] A few [[/strikethrough]] 'No this is right" objected Romaudo [[??]] [[strikethrough]] equally amused [[/strikethrough]] a few moments later he made the satisifed
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