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Aug. 25. [[circled]] No 2. [[/circled]]

The Kiowa was characteristically *ornate and *dashing - both as to [[strikethrough]] both [[/strikethrough]] *costume and *performance, the long whistle in the mouth of the eagle (?) ripping the air as the bird turns

(Dominated by his past), the eagle dancer of (the pueblo Tesuque) is sedate and massive in movement turning his head slowly [[strikethrough]] as should a [[/strikethrough]] & fanning his wings

Friday Aug. 26. 
Mopope - cousin. Murals
Ma pe wi { [[?]] burden (pueblo?) shading
Mrs. del Mar talks - differences bet. Jud & your art
parade covered wag.
photos & sketch
Hate it - degraded - own tradition copy Ki - 
up to audience - return?
Our boys
dance - friends
Nav. women

The Mopope brothers have a large exhibit here and are selling quantities - they tell me they are cousins of Hobeah's. A Miss Peters who has charge of the Kiowa exhibit feels quite bitterly that Hobeah & Riley show her no courtesy. She raised Riley and encouraged and helped both to their present position. All the Kiowa people are sore & hurt because of the division here. Santa Fe & many of the tribes find the Kiowas flashy & ornate - extremely feathery. The tourists and numbers of the Indians are entranced by their brilliant appearances and the lively movement of their dances. John Sloan's article in Gallup Independent he says he did not write it & was misquoted - is answered today by Miss Peters.
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