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New Englan Branch

Freedmen's and Union Commission.


"This Commission is constituted to aid and co-operate with the people of the South, without distinction of race or color, in the improvement of their condition, upon the basis of industry, education, freedom and Christian morality. No schools or supply depots shall be maintained from the benefits of which any shall be excluded because of color." -- Art. II, Constitution.

^[[ written over above text]] J. H. Chapin Boston August 30, 1866 


Vice Presidents.
[[left column]]
Rev. Jacob M. Manning.
Rev. Edward E. Hale.
Hon. Jacob Sleeper.
Dr. Robert W. Hooper.
Prof. William B. Rogers.
Rev. William Hague, D. D.
Rev. Andrew L. Stone, D. D.
Edward L. Pierce.
Rev. R. C. Waterston.
[[right column]]
Edward Atkinson.
Dr. LeBaron Russell.
Wm. Lloyd Garrison.
Rev. H. M. Dexter, D. D.
Rev. A. A. Miner, D. D.
Rev. E. S. Gannett, D. D.
Hon. Thomas Russell.
Edward S. Philbrick.
Rev. Geo. H. Hepworth.

J. H. Chapin, 8 Studio Building.

Assistant Secretary.
R. R. Newell, 8 Studio Building.

William Endicott, Jr. 33 Summer Street.

Executive Committee.
[[left column]]
Rev. John Parkman, 8 Studio Building.
Prof. F. J. Child, Cambridge.
Wm. Endicott, Jr., 33 Summer St.
Mrs. Ednah D. Cheney, 8 Studio Building.
[[right column]]
James B. Thayer, 4 Court Street.
Edward W. Hooper, 20 State Street.
Edward S. Philbrick, 31 India St.

Committee on Teachers.
[[left column]]
Rev. John Parkman, 8 Studio Building.
Mrs. Ednah D. Cheney, Jamaica Plain, See.
Rev. Chas. Low, Somerville.
Mrs. J. A. Lane, 623 Tremont Street.
[[right column]]
Rev. W. Hague, D. D., 42 Charles St.
Martin Brimmer, 48 Beacon Street. 
Miss Ellen S. Hooper, 114 Beacon St.
Miss L. Crocker. 8 Studio Building.

Committee on Clothing and Supplies.
[[left column]]
Mr. Jona. A. Lane, Franklin Street.
Mrs. Samuel Cabot, 11 Park Square.
Mrs. Wm. B. Rogers, 1 Temple Place.
Geo. Atkinson, 60 State Street.
[[right column]]
Mrs. A. Merrill, 154 Newton St.
Frederick W. G. May, 2 Broad Street.
L. P. Rowland, Jr., 5 Tremont Temple.

Committee on Corespondence.
[[left column]]
Prof. Francis J. Child, Cambridge.
Dr. H. I. Bowditch, 113 Boylston Street.
[[right column]]
Dr. Samuel Cabot, 11 Park Square.
Chas. A. Cummings, 9 Studio Building.

Committee on Finance.
[[left column]]
Edward Atkinson, 40 State Street.
Martin Brimmer, 48 Beacon Street.
Mrs. Geo. R. Russell, 1 Louisburg Square.
Chas. R. Codman, 7 Park Place.
[[right column]]
E. W. Kinsley, 37 Franklin Street.
Cadwallader Curry, 50 Milk Street.
Edward Cunningham, Milton.

All supplies should be addressed, "L. P. Rowland, No. 5 Tremont Temple, Boston, Mass., For N. E. F. A. Society. From---."

Each package should contain an invoice of the contents; and a duplicate copy should be sent by mail to L. P. Rowland, 8 Studio Building, Boston, Mass.
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