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The Bronzeman      Nineteen

postage. We will do our best to return all photographs, but give no guarantees.

6. SPECIAL TO CLUBS, CHURCHES, LODGES, or any kind of groups, or business places, who are sending in representatives, WRITE THE NAME, ADDRESS AND TELEPHONE NUMBER of Secretary on back of entry blank. Your cooperation in this matter will save us a lot of unnecessary work.

Last Chance to Enter Bronzeman Economy Sewing Contest

Contest Closes June 29th. Entries Pour in for Bronzeman Economy Sewing Contest. A few of the Bronzeman Economy Sewing Contestants

Mrs. Willie Mae Lewis, 407 Bowen Ave., Chicago, Illinois.
Violet Morton, R. 1, Box 36, Hilton Village, Va.
Mrs. Albertho Dogan, 1518 1/2 Piggott Ave., Ponca City, Okla.
Miss Delphia Burt, 143 Oakley Blvd., Chicago, Illinois.
Mrs. B. S. Brantley, Box 3, Fordyce, Arkansas.
Mrs. Helen Williams, Box 12, Water Valley, Texas.
Miss Mary Louis Brassfield, 1205 East 23rd St., Kansas City, Mo.
Miss Dora Ballew, 2206 East 21st St., Oakland, California.
Miss Thelma McWorter, Y. W. C. A., 4559 South Park, Chicago, Illinois.
Miss M. E. Wilson, 5167 Michigan Blvd., Chicago, Illinois.

READERS PLEASE NOTE: The above list of contestants is very incomplete. Don't become alarmed if you don't find your name. A complete list of the Contestants will be published at a later date.

Many Popular Dressmakers Enter Contest

Chicago Dressmakers, as well as dressmakers elsewhere, welcome the opportunity to display their work. They promise the Contest Editor 100% cooperation. One Dressmaker has written that she is sending five models to the fashion show, modelling many styles, from beach pajamas to a gingham evening dress. Some of the Dressmakers listed include-IOLA SCHOOL OF DRESSMAKING, 137 East 51st., Chicago, Illinois; Mrs. L. Lewis, 5220 Indiana Ave. and Miss M. E. Wilson, 5167 Michigan Blvd., Chicago, Illinois.

Popular Music Teachers to Send Representatives to Fashion Show

Miss Cornelia Smythe, attractive young Piano Class Instructor at the Edmond Burke School, is helping one of her little pupils to make a dress that she will model on June 29th at the Grand Final show.

Mr. Alfred Simms, popular jazz instructor, has selected a young lady to represent his studios, located at 5307 Calumet Ave., and 323 So. Wabash Ave.

Wise Beauty Culturist Writes:

Kill two birds with one stone.


I think the idea of THE BRONZEMAN Economy Sewing Contest is grand. Many of our customers are entering the contest, and we (the owner and operators) are sending a lady to represent our shoppe on that eventful night at Bacon's Casino. We are going to model one of our own creations in a new hair-dress. Expect our model with a hair-dress that's different and a daintily made dress. WISHING YOU MUCH SUCCESS.

Carrington's Beauty Shoppe,
5152 Indiana Ave.

Busy Housewife is Proud Contestant

Mrs. Willie Mae Lewis, who lives at 407 Bowen Ave., spends a little time each day making her dress for THE BRONZEMAN Economy Sewing Contest.

The Nation's Leading Clubs Enter Contest

THE TUSKEEGEE CLUB, one of Chicago's most popular Charitable, Cultural and Social organizations, as well as many other well known clubs, has entered our contest with enthusiasm.

Miss Delphia Burt, Popular Mona Lisa Club girl, is planning to compete for one of the Surprise Prizes. 

Miss Delphia Burt, of the Mona Lisa Girls' Club, of which Mrs. Johnsis Booker, 227 East 59th St., is President, has added her name to our list of Contestants.

Chic Chics' Club Select Representative

Miss Violent Brangier will act as representative for the Chic Chichs' club. Miss Julia Williams, 2976 La Salle St., Chicago, Illinois, is President.

Wide Awake Training School in Fordyce, Arkansas

We are very pleased to announce that the Training School in Fordyce, Arkansas, has entered our contest. We are certain that the girls will have lots of fun making their dresses. We sincerely hope that at least one of the girls, who expects to come to this city for the World's Fair, will represent her school in person in our final Fashion Show. Mrs. Brantley's idea of a group picture is excellent. NO PICTURES WILL BE RETURNED UNLESS ACCOMPLANIED BY RETURN POSTAGE.

Prize Winning Recipe 
A Beautiful Sewing Box

Miss Delphia Burt,
143 Oakley Blvd.,
Chicago, Ill.

Meringue Cups With Mint Mousse

2 egg whites
1/4 t. vanilla
1/2 cup sugar
Method of mixing:
Beat egg whites until stiff, but not dry. Add sugar 1 T at a time beating egg whites constantly until meringue is stiff, but glossy and creamy in consistency. Add flavoring. Drop meringue from spoon into underlined paper which has been held under cold running water. To form meringue cups, spread meringue with spoon in circle not too thick, finish cup with the pastry tube going around untli desired depth is obtained. Bake in a slow oven, 300* F from 15 to 25 min. Remove from paper as soon as cold. Serves 8.

Mint Mousse

Mint mousse is used in the center of the meringue.
1 bottle whipping cream
1/3 cup peppermint candy powdered (grind)
Beat cream until stiff. Add peppermint. Put in refrigerator pans, stir twice during freezing.

You may serve mint mousse with any dessert, but it is very dainty and delicious with meringue cups.

Honorable Mention

Mrs. Helen Williams,
Box 12, Water Valley, Texas.

Bronzeman's Delicious 

1 egg white, 1 cup brown sugar, 1 cup of nuts. Beat egg white until stiff, add sugar and nuts. Mix well. Place on greased tin with teaspoon, 1 inch apart, put in cold oven, turn heat to 200*. Cook 20 to 30 minutes.

Mrs. R. S. S.,
Jasper, Alabama.

Your recipe called for too much sugar, I am sure that you made a slight mistake. Please try your candy recipe again, writing the correct measurements. Perhaps you will win a prize next time. There is no limit to the number of recipes or household hints that you may send to us. All are welcome. The best of cooks make mistakes sometimes. Write again real soon. 

Free: 5 Piece Bridge Set

Your favorite dish may obtain for you a valuable prize from THE BRONZEMAN magazine. A lovely bridge set will be given the lady who send the best recipe or household hint. All material must be original. Address your letter to Joy Jean, care of BRONZEMAN magazine, 418 East 47th St., Chicago, Illinois.
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