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MARIE'S CRISIS -- 59 Grove. CH 3-9003. Once the home of Thomas Paine. Now headquarters for fine Continental food. Also steaks, chops. L 85c-$1.35; D served 5:30-10, $1.50, $1.75. Stephanie Leads, pianist, from cocktails to closing. X

MARIO'S--58 E 53. EL 5-9085. Subdued lighting, pleasant setting. Excellent French-Italian cuisine. Table d'hote L $1.25; D $2. Sliced breast of chicken a la Mario a specialty. Opens Sun at 5 pm.

MARY ELIZABETH'S--6 E 37. MU 3-3018. Delicious herb-seasoned American food. Chinese dish daily. Soup Tureen downstairs, self-service, L 60c; reg L 95c; D $1.20-$1.75. Men's Grill. X & hols.

† MAXIM'S--74 E 55. EL 5-8749. Max Hirsch of the famous Maxim's is proprietor here. Excellent Continental cuisine. D $2-$3.25. Music from 5 pm. Dancing & ent after 9 with Helen Barton. Open 3 pm-closing.

MECCA--6 E 30. MU 4-8586. Authentic Syrian food & delicacies of the East in a modest upstairs restaurant. L a la carte, blue plate L 95c; D $1.50.  No L on Sun.

MICHEL'S--38 E 53. EL 5-8966. Good, dependable French cuisine. Smart clientele. L $1.25; D $2.25; without drink 25c extra. X & hols.

MONT D'OR--255 E 48. PL 3-8632. Fine French food. Specialties: Tenderloin of beef Wellington on Thurs & Sun; roast beef Wed & Sat. D $1.25-$3. Opens weekdays 4; Sun at 1. Closed Mon.

†MONTE CARLO--Madison at 54. PL 5-3400. Glamorous Hollywoodian night club. Dick Gasparre's orch. Min $3 ex Sat $4. Fine food, expensive a la carte at L, D & supper. D from 6. Casino Room for elegant dining.

NEPTUNE--128 W 58.  CI 7-0652. Excellent steaks, chops & fish in a spacious dining room. Table d'hote meals. L 65c up; D $1.65 up. Private parties. Bar. 

NEWPORT--18 E 60. EL 5-8427. Tiny, swank. Fine French food a  la carte. Entrees at L 85c-$1.50; at D $1.50-$2.50. X & hols.

†NEW YORKER--8th Av at 34. ME 3-1000. Terrace Room, Sonny Dunham's orch & a new ice revue, "Skyway Express," starring pretty Joan Hyldoft. Dancing 6-closing. Shows 7:15 & 10:15. Luncheon show at 1:15 & dancing ex Sun, to Peter Kent's orch. L $1.10 up; D $2 up. Cov $1 after 9 ex Sat, hol eves $1.50. Children's Sat matinee. Manhattan Room, ent, no dancing. Coffee Shop. L 39c-65c; D $1-$1.50.

NINO'S--10 E 52. PL 3-9014. Charming colorful decorations, good food & unusually good service. L $1.75 up; D a la carte, entrees $2 up. Piano music in the bar 1-2:30, 6-7:30 & 9-12. Sun brunch, 1-3:30. Cocktail lounge.

OLD GOLDEN ROD--85 Washington Pl. GR 5-9285. Real New England home cooking in a cozy setting. Home-made pies and cakes. L 12-2:30; D 5-8:30. Moderate prices. X

OLD HOMESTEAD--56 9th Av (14) CH 3-9856. Trophies & oaken paneling. Succulent steaks & chops. L & D all day, $1.25 up; steaks a la carte $1.75. Bar. X  & hols.

OLDE CHOP HOUSE--118 Cedar. WO 2-8061. Opened 1800--145 years ago--it's got to be good  L & D a la carte; entrees $1.15 up. Open until 7:30 pm ex Sat 'til 2:30. Bar. X

ONE FIFTH AVENUE -- SP 7-7000. In the Main Dining Room & Bar, Business men's L 75c up; D $1.75-$2.65. Continuous ent 5:30-closing in Bar with Barbara Ashley, Tony Craig, Downey & Vonn & Hazel Webster.

ONE-TWO-THREE--123 E 54. PL 3-9131. Luxurious and intimate. Good food. Roger Stearns at piano. L from 12-3, a la carte,entrees 90c up; D 5:30 on $2.50 up. Diana, hand analyst. Closed Mon.

PACIFIC -- 30 Pell.  BE 3-0050. Cantonese cooking in Chinatown. L served 11:30-3, 50c-85c; D 4:30-9:30, 75c up. Banquet facilities. Wines & liquors.

PARISIEN--304 W 56. CO 5-2046. Continental cuisine. L & D moderately priced a la carte. Open noon-10 pm. X

PARK LANE -- 299 Park (48)  WI 2-4100. Tapestry Room or Cafe Lounge for leisurely, quiet meals or cocktails. Good food. L entrees 95c-$1.50; D entrees $1.25-$2.25.

PASSY--28 E 63. RE 4-3847. Quiet & luxurious, serving excellent French food. Roast duckling, shrimp Newburg, cherries Jubilee & other fine specialties. A la carte. L entrees $1.35-$2; D entrees $1.45-$2.50. X

PEN & PENCIL -- 203 E. 45. MU 2-9825. Steaks, chicken & lobster. L 75c-$1.15; chicken D $2.50; steak or lobster $3.25. X

[[image of cross]] PENNSYLVANIA -- 7th at 33. PE 6-5000. Café Rouge, Glen Gray's orch. D $2.50-$3.50. Cov $1 ex Sat, hols, hol eves, $1.50.

PENT HOUSE -- 30 Central Park S. PL 3-6910. Charming view of Central Park & excellent food. Arlah, palmist, at L & eves, L $1-$2; D $3-$4. Opens 5 pm Sun.

PETER'S BACKYARD -- 64 W 10. ST 9-4476. Good Italian food. Pleasant setting. L 90c; D $1.50 & la carte. Broiled shrimp, lobster & chicken cacciatora. Bar. Closed Mon.

[[image: drawing of woman cleansing cheek with tissue]]
Call to Perfection
[[image: drawing of jars, bottle of skin care products]]
Here are the Elizabeth Arden Essentials, the basic elements of daily beauty routine, the very foundation of good grooming. They represent Cleansing, Refreshing, Smoothing with the incomparable Elizabeth Arden Preparations with which every woman can keep herself lovely, make herself prettier. If you have never used Elizabeth Arden Preparations, here is a thrilling experience for you. They will help you keep your skin fresh, clear and lovely. For pleasure in use - for delicious fragrance, delightful texture - these essentials are without parallel. The best preparations are an economy, you use less...they last longer.

Ardena Cleansing Cream, 1.00, 3.00, 6.00
Ardena Skin Lotion .85, 2.00, 3.75, 9.00, 15.00
Ardena Fluffy Cleansing Cream 1.00, 3.00, 6.00
Ardena Orange Skin Cream 1.00, 1.75, 2.75, 4.25, 8.00
Ardena Special Astringent 2.25, 4.00, 10.00, 20.00, 35.00
Ardena Velva Cream Mask, 2.00,5.00
Ardena All-Day Foundation...1.00
Illusion Powder...1.75, 3.00
Cameo Powder...1.75, 3.00
(prices plus taxes)

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