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Note: All paintings and sculpture sold for $50 and over, and all prints sold for $25 and over are here classified under the names of artists.

Facts are given in the following order: Name of artist followed by N. A. or R. A., indicating member of the National Academy of Design of the United States or Royal Academy of England; date of birth and death; nationality. On following line, catalog number, title of painting, size (in parenthesis) buyer and price.

In description of items (or lots) information given is based on catalogs issued by the auction galleries. Measurements given are in inches unless otherwise indicated.

In reports covering several collections sold as parts of one sale, names of owners or consignors, whenever known, appear before catalog numbers. Anonymous owners or estates, in such instances are indicated by the name of the auction gallery, abbreviated as A. A. A. for American Art Association.

SPETZ - Paintings and sculpture together with objects of art from the private museum of the late Georges Spetz, of Alsace, France. Sold for $201,366.00; American Art Association, January 14, 15, 16, and 17, 1925.

Clouet, School of; XVI Century, French
596. Portrait of Marie Touchet (7 1/2 x 4 3/4) ..... $75
Colmar School; Late XV Century
611. The Martyrdom of St. Margaretha (24 x 22 1/2) .... 200
612. The Martyrdom of St. Philippus (24 x 22 1/2) ..... 230
Doyen, Gabriel Francois; 1726-1803, French
619. Portrait of Madame Vansittart (28 1/4 x 23) .... 70
Flemish School; Late XV Century
610. Birth of the Saviour (24 x 17) .... 60
615. The Adoration of the Magi (27 1/4 x 35 3/4) .... 105
713. The Nativity (polychromed, 23 1/3 x 21 1/2).... 2500
Flemish School; 1568
597. Decollatio Duc Daiguemot et Duc Dormes (8 x 6).... 60
Flemish School; XVI Century
601. Madonna and Child (13 3/4 x 10)... 80
606. Portrait of a Man (18 x 13 1/4) ... 60
Flemish School; XVII Century
618. Portrait of a Youth (26 1/4 x 18 3/4)..... 55
700. Moses (plane-tree, h. 21 1/2).... 50
Florentine School; XV Century
614. The Annunciation (36 x 20 1/2) .... 110
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