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Nicol, Erskine, R. S. A., A. R. A.; 1825-1904, British
61.  On the Lookout (20x15)[[line]] - 60

Pasini, Albert; 1826-1899, Italian
73.  The Court on a Journey (25½x19¾) - 290

Sargent, John Singer, N. A., R. A.; 1856-[[blank for year]], American
78.  Barges at San Vigilio, Lake of Garda, Italy (22x28¼) - 3600

Termeulen, François, Pieter; 1843-[[blank for year]], Dutch
88.  Shepherdess and Sheep (25x22½) - 110

Thaulow, Fritz; 1847-1906, Norwegian
71.  The River Arques (24x29) - 600

Tyler, James Gale; 1855-[[blank for year]], American
66.  A Ten-Knot Clip (22x30) - 200
70. Sunday in Port (24x20) - 60

Vedder, Elihu, N. A.; 1836-1923, American
76.  The Soul in Bondage (35¾x24¾) - 225

Wiegand, Gustave; 1870-[[blank for year]], American
25.  Landscape (11½x16) - 55

Ziem, Felix; 1821-1911, French
 37.  The Port (13½x18½) - 140
 53.  The Felucca (18x20½) - 650


Bakst, Leon; 1866-1925, Russian
42.  Felicita (water color, 19x13) - 110

Conder, Charles; 1868-1909, British
24.  Souvenir de Seville; (design for fan water color on silk, 7½x15¼) - 120


REEVE - Paintings together with American antiques, the collection of the late Frank H. Reeve, of Camden, N. J., with additions from other sources.  Sold for $11,366.00; Anderson Galleries, January 8, 1925.

Obermyer, H.: XVIII Century
103.  Portrait for Major André (wax miniature, d. 6 1.4) - $60

Rouse, G.
104.  Portrait of General George Washington (wax 12½x11½) - 250

96.  Portrait of George Washington (Staffordshire ware, h. 8) - 160


WOODWARD - Paintings, sculpture, prints together with early American glass and furniture, the collection of the late Robert Woodward, of Philadelphia, Pa. Sold for $26,187.00; American Art Association, January 21, 1925.


76.  American Packet Ship St. John (24x36) - $120
79.  American Packet Ship Caravan (23x36) - 110
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