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[[image - photograph of the front end of a Nissan MAXIMA]]

THE NEW 2000 MAXIMA. Don't let the numbers of doors fool you. Nor should you let the roomy interior gracious leather appointments, or even the smoother, quieter ride throw you. Because once you slip behind the wheel of the new Maxima, once you began to pilot the formidable 222-horsepower V6, amazing things happen. Sixty miles per hour is achieved in an astonishing 6.7 seconds. Few than 10 seconds later you've traveled a quarter mile.* Upon the first curve, a synergistic relationships develops between you, the suspension and the road. And continued to deepen with each subsequent turn. This is the stuff of roadsters. This is the stuff of sport coups. This is not the stuff od sedans. Or is it? Inquiries. Call: 800-257-9995. Or click: The new 2000 Maxima. CARS LIKE IT: 0.

[[image - Nissan logo]]

[[registered symbol]]1999 Nissan North America, Inc. Nissan, the Nissan Logo, DRIVEN and Maxima are trademarks owned by or licensed to Nissan, Maxima GLE shown. *Motor Trend, 1999.
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