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[[image - color photograph, rear view of a grey Camry, dotted line from the tail light to the words "20 mm wider"]]



How do you improve the car that's been America's favorite for two years in a row?* Very, very carefully. We've given the Camry extra horsepower,** new multi-reflector headlights and redesigned tail lights. Okay, they're not sweeping changes. But they make this the best Camry ever. Even if it was near perfect already.

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pushing the envelope. every day.

w w w. t o y o t a . c o m  ♦  1 • 8 0 0 • g o • t o y o t a 

©1999 Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. Buckle Up! Do it for those who love you.
*Based on The Polk Company calendar years 1997, 1998 total car registrations. **4-cylinder models.

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