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[[underline]]RESTRICTED [[/underline]] 
[[underline]]SO 15 Hq 332d Ftr Wg Lockbourne AFB Columbus 17 Ohio dtd 19 Jan 49 cont'd [[/underline]] 
14. So much of par 12 SO 3 this Hq dtd 1 Sep 48 is amended to add: (Re: Apmt of Wg Survey Board)


15. VOCO 15 Jan 49 terminating the sep rat status of Cpl Frederick D Winston AF44165159 Hq & Hq Dot 449th Sig Hvy Const Avn Bn this sta are confirmed and made a matter of record.

16. Pfe Michael H Gale  AF18241357 449th Sig Hv Cons Avn Bn this sta is auth fourteen (14) days ord lv of abs eff 20 Jan 49. Airmen will be in proper orgn this sta NLT 3 Feb 49. Address while on lv: 1320 E 19th St, Pine Bluff, Ark. Rptg date: 3 Feb 49

17. So much of paragraphs 10, 11 and 16 SO 105 this Hq dtd 29 Dec 48 as pertains to CAPT HUBERT L JONES A044611 is deleted and amended to add: [[underline]]"Wg On-the-Job Training Off".[[/underline]](Re: A pmt of Classification Bds)

18. The fol named Airmen (N) USAF (non-flying) 332d Maint Sq Ftr (SL) 332d Maint & Sup Gp (P/P) this sta are reld fr asgmt and dy thereto trfd in gr WP o/a dates indicated to AF ORD Camp Kilmer NJ rptg upon arrival to CO thereat for asgmt and disposition to Project ETO 0218 NLT 18 Feb 49. EDCMR: 25 Jan 49. Airmen auth number days delay enroute as indicates (chargeable to accrued time) 
plus one (1) day tvl time not to interfere w/rptg date: 19 Feb 49. AFM 35-10 (DA Pamphlet 29-13) dtd 1 Mar 48 and AFL 39-7 dtd 13Aug 48 will be complied with. Service records, allied papers will be mailed to CO AF ORD Camp Kilmer, NJ. In accordance w/AFR 173-5 (AR 35-4810) dtd 1 Jun 48FD will pay in adv 3₵ per mile fr this sta to AF ORD Cp Kilmer NJ in lieu of transportation and mon always in lieu of rats a/r $1.25 per meal for (2) meals to (3) Airmen ea. PCS. TDN 901-16 I 431.02 03 07 2190425 S 99-999. Dependents, automobiles nor pets will accompany nor later join Airmen. Pmt of mon value of garrison rats auth at destination for so  much of delay en route actually utilized. (Auth Ltd Hq 1st AF Ft Slocum NJ Subj: Airmen volunteering for Overseas Sv, File PMI 220.481 dtd 5 Jan 49) Shipping SSN same as P MOS

[[2 column table]] |   | [[underline]] WI DATES [[/underline]]
Cpl 747C Robert B Griffen AF12288147 Enl 20 May 47 for 3 yrs. No O/S sv. Date of birth: 10 Feb 30. Auth twenty-one (21) days delay enroute | 27 Jan 49 |
Cpl 747C Paul H LaCroix AF1830`498 Enl. 19 May 47 for 3 yrs. No O/S Sv. Date of birth: 10 Oct 29. Aut twenty-one (21) days delay enroute | 27 Jan 49 |
Cpl 747C Herbert B Odom AF14256985 Enl 29 May 47 for 3 yrs. No O/S Sv. Date of birth: 7 Mar 29. Auth fifteen (15) days delay enroute | 2 Feb 49 [[/2 column table]]


[[underline]] R E S T R I C T E D [[/underline]]
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