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4.  Give manual air start procedure.
Throttle OFF, 180 kts, circuit breakers in, batt gen ON, start if <6%, ignitio on, deice starting fuel manual, fuel sys @3, [[strikethrough]] stabilize rpm, throttle ON, starting fuel off, land ASAP from flame out pattern.
Throttle full open till fuel press. rises then idle when combustion occurs starting fuel off deice.

5.  Give low altitude air start procedure.
Throttle idle, airstart ignition, gangload fuel, emergency fuel, throttle reset after rpm stabilizes.

6.  Give altitudes above terrain for high key and low key on a forced landing.
5500'  3500'

7.  What is the position of the speed brakes during barrier engagement?

8.  What is the gear position for emergency landing on unprepared surface?

9.  Why should the gear not be retracted once it has been lowered by the emergency system?
One Shot

10.  List the procedure for emergency gear extension.  What is the time required for gear extension using the emergency system?
Handle DOWN, slow A/C emergency detector, Emergency hgd emergency pump until gear is DOWN & locked  40 sec.

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