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^[[B/Gen Davis B. O. 18 Dec '58]]



1.  THE C-47 aircraft is powered by:

[[circled]] a. [[/circled]] Two 14 cylinder, twin-row P&W R-1830-90C or 90D engines.
b. Two 12 cylinder, twin-row P&W R-1830-90C or 90D engines.
c. Two 14 cylinder, single-row P&W R-1830-90C or 90D engines.

2.  Accommodations are provided for a crew of:

a. 6
b. 4
[[circled]] 3. [[/circled]] 5

3.  The center of gravity limitation in the C-47 for both gear up and gear down are:

[[circled]] a. [[/circled]] Forward 11% MAC  Aft 28% MAC.
b. Forward 12% MAC  Aft 28% MAC.
3. [Forward 28% MAC  Aft 11% MAC.

4.  The design gross weight of the C-47 is:

a. 29,000
b. 26,500
[[circled]] 3. [[/circled]] 26,000

5.  What maneuvers are prohibited?  ^[[Spins, acrobatics.]]

6.  On C-47 aircraft, the cabin heater spill valves are located and controlled at ^[[rear of co-pilot's seat]]

7.  The generator switches are located ^[[in main electrical junction box.]]

8.  It is best to roll forward before unlocking the tail wheel centering lock to prevent: ^[[Side load to tail wheel locking pin.]]

9.  Engine warm-up should be conducted between ^[[1000]] to ^[[1200]] RPM.

[[underlined]] PROPELLER SYSTEM [[/underlined]]

10.  The propeller governor range is ^[[1200]] to ^[[2700]] RPM.
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