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14:30 1.0 CC SMA + Sust. 
defecated with stimulation

Feeding eagerly in 2-3 burts w/ intervals in between. 

Q-tips end used for clinging to prevent injury to palm of hand. 

Is able to lift head but cannot easily right itself because of clenched fists. 

17:05 - defecated w/stimulation
1.2 of SMA & Stustigen
urinated upon stimulation
is now holding cotton swabs in hands.

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19:00 - much more alert!
lifts head well...eyes open. uses tail for balance when stroked on head + back 
will lift head & arch neck.

took 1.4 cc SMA & Sust.
urinate - defecate w/stimulation

fists are loosening....
curls tail when balancing or resting. 

Clinging better to orange shag. 

2130 Ate 1.2 cc SMA + Sustagen
using Deinhardt nipple

Clinging abilities further improved!

23:45 ~1.0 CC SMA - Deinhardt nipple. 
Tail turning much more common. Did not urin or def from stimulation.