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20July77 Day 11 [[E]] = 17.8cc
08:45 Fed 3cc SMA & Sust.
had defecated during night.
1145 1.8cc then started
hiccupping during burping
Feeding terminated.
1240 PM 1.5cc SMA & Sust-
(New batch formula)
3PM 3.0cc SMA & Sust.
Prior to feeding - had head
up, looking around,
giving alternate chirps (hills)
& rasps. Recorded by Green.
445 PM wght 59.6g
530 PM 3cc SMA & Sust
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800 PM - Prior to feeding:
picking head up, looking around,
Able to right itself more easily
although not immediately..
Using elbows & forearms to [[scratched out]]
balance front part of body 
when lifting head [[symbol for therefore]] most of
shoulders as well as head lifted.
Opening & shutting fore & hind feet
for clasping.
Begins hiccupping prior to feed.
In more outstretched position more
often, tail not curled. Does
not use hands or feet (open) for
movement. Pushes forward using
fists of hands.
Testes not descended.
Fed 2.5cc
1100 PM - Fed 3.0 cc
1245 AM - Fed 3.0cc SMA & Sust[[all scratched out]]