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28 July 77 Day 19 [[E]]=24.6cc

08.30 hrs 3.5 SMA & Sust -
mainly sk.

1115 e.5cc SMA & Sust/mainly sk

1315 ^Super 8 Film & measurements
Hoage -
showing grasp response
head following my movements
clinging ability
H-B 10.8 | Tail L. 13.8 | Ear Hgt 1.6 | Hand 3.3
T.L. 24.7 | Hd.L. 4.2| Ear Width 1.8 | Foot 3.3

1330 3.5 cc SMA & Sust/mainly sk

1600 3.5 cc SMA & Sust.

18:30 3.6 cc SMA & Sust. 1/2 sk:1/2 lap

Have been carrying around neck
in sock.

2100 Had defecated - 3 boluses
dark brown/hard in sock
3.5 cc SMA & Sust.

2330 3.5 cc SMA & Sust
mainly sk.

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Being kept in acquarium at home: 
no extra heat

Comments: ^(1) Hands & feet becoming pigmented,
are now grey-pink color (2) Fur on venter
longer although still sparse (3) Animal
hungrier at feeding, usually awakening 2 hrs after previous feed (4) Searching for nipple includes
[[butting]] at nipple w/side-to-side head movements
(5) Shows proper grasping with [[hft?]]; better
than hands.  (6) Frequent rasping
when hungry. Occasional chirps/trills during feed (7) Yawn (gape) often follows from rasp (8) Can erect entire forequarters & gaze around. (9) Uses forefoot for scratching near rump (10) Hindfoot scratching coordinated & includes
back of head, back, side, neck. (11) Follows movement & sound with head movements.

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