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31 July 77 Day 22 [[E]]=29.8cc
[[E]]=1.2cc rice cereal
0915 5cc SMA & Sust
(feces found in cage - hard & brown)

1145 4.9 cc SMA & Sust
Prior to feed making rasps.
Clasping & grasping perfected.
Can readjust position on 
fur surrogate.
Opening & closing fists
Defecates after feed -
holds rump and tail slightly
Can easily & regularly
hold head raised &
forequarters - But still 
using fists for support.

1300 Diarrhea noticed
wght 76.2 gm

1340 Rasping - Ly on side scratching
side with forefoot.

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Down to 6 feed/day

1500 Fed 5.0 cc SMA & Sust
(new formula)[[scratched out]] - diluted
to 60% strength
+ @ .5cc Gerbers rice cereal
Chirps & rasps during feed -
didn't want to take cereal.

18:00 5.4 cc formula at 
80% strength

20:30 6.0 cc formula full strength

23:30 3.5 cc formula full
~ .7 cc cereal (Gerbers rice)
taken from syringe
Has not defecated since 1300 hrs


moving around considerable
amount; readjusting position
Awake much of the day between
feeds.  Sometimes using
forefoot or hindfoot to 
cling to tail or own fur.

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