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14 Aug 77 Day 36 [[Sum symbol]] 24.8 cc SMA & Sust
[[Sum symbol]] 9.8cc cereal
[[Sum symbol]] 3.0cc Gerbers pears
some apple
piece banana
0845 2.8 cc cereal (HiPro & monkey chow)
4.4cc SMA & Sust
defecated after feed-firm
1130 cereal 1.6
milk 3.2
defecated during & after feed
looser - toothpaste
wght 1300 hrs - 113.0g
Independent feeding
1415 Ate full slice of banana!!!
& 4cc SMA & Sust - new batch.
1715 3cc HiPro & chow cereal
4.8cc SMA & Sust.
20:15 3cc Gerbers pears
5.4 cc SMA & Sust
Prefers to eat pears out of syringe
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Colomal is able to climb
onto objects, eg elbows
by standing on hindlegs
and pulling himself
up with forelegs.
Walking with less wobble.
Follows objects with eyes
eg human movement, fly.
1130 PM 2.4cc cereal
3.0cc milk