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17Aug77 Day 39 [[sum symbol]]= 30.2 liquid
& cereal
0830 4.8cc mixed cereal & milk
2.0cc pears
11:30 mixed marmoset chow, banana
& milk
[[scribbled out]] amt eaten unclear
Then fed marmoset chow
mixed with banana -
fed on tongue depressor
tried 2 mealworms,
inside taken.
Defecated 3X during
feed & urinated
feces very firm.
When waking up occasionally
produces 3-4 syllables
of long call_
200 [[circled 2]] 5.5cc milk & cereal
[[circled 1]] mixed banana & [[scribbled out]] marmoset
ate well from tongue
[[end page]]
[[start page]]
400 PM 122 gms wght
Feces lately have been
firm & yellow-brown
probably banana.
430 PM Self feed of 1/3 banana X 2/3 marmoset
chow, in incubator
ate @ 1-2g.
Then ~ 5cc mixed milk, marm.
chow, banana, & HiPro.
Ate well.
Gained 2.7 gms from feeding.
7:30 PM Self feeding of several pieces of
apple in incubator. Then
~ 4cc milk & HiPro & chow
& 3.1 cc milk
(new batch milk)
1100 PM 3.0cc pears from
2.8cc milk & HiPro
Ability to pull himself onto object
by pulling with forelegs & swinglegs hindlegs up
is perfected.