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[[boxed]] Jan'83 [[/boxed]] Book [[underlined]] 3A [[/underlined]

Travelling with Chuck Snowdon
[[right pointing arrow]] Rio  Sandy Hondu.

Visited Alfie Rosenberger. 
Alres research.

To CPRJ to discuss Pogo project with Carlos Alves; Raquel, Dionezio,  Ibsen Claudi. Cormbra.
Maria Teresa just resigned in Nov.
Poco budget cut in half $10,000

[[strikethrough]]First [[/strikethrough]] Second visit to Pogo: Flooding scheduled. 
Claudio to work on Dietz house budget restoration. 
Reserve signs exist but aren't up.

[[left pointing arrow]] Brasilia - meet at IBDF with officials who tell me the regs.
Visit with Milton re: logistics of Rudran course.
Visit Doris Faria field site Reparian forest Gallery " [[ditto for forest]]

[[right pointing arrow]] BH: Joint meeting Bras. Soc. Zool. " " [[dittos for Bras. Soc.]] Primatol.
Decided on structure & org. of Rudy's course w/ Milton, Celis, Russ & Combra,
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