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Airway bill No.
for GLT to Brazil Nov 8 1983
                 270/$   official
Exchange rate    480/$   Black

25 Jan - CPRJ negot.
26 Jan - Visit PdA
24 Jan - Rosenbegers
28 Jan - Brasilia w/ Milton
30 Jan - Belo H. for 1st [[strikethrough]] Biodiversity Conf. [[/strikethrough]] Primate Conf.
7 Nov 83 - Lve DC  w/ 15 monkeys air CPRJ
11 Nov. 1st [[Beirut?]] visit
8 Nov. Begin Primate Course Rio Zoo
14 " [[ditto for Nov.]] " " [[dittos for Primate Course]] CPRJ
17 Nov. 1st Monkey processing w/  Bush. 

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send Coimbra
2 Hoage
1 [[Callifichid?]]
send Carlos Beck C.V. for CNPq visa                        
send Claudio Padua publ. w/ SpeoThos data [[Brben?]] & Portor

Rio        45,000           
Brasilia   39,000                        
Gifts etc  30,000
       Cz $114,000  Spent by 30 Jan.
Formal letter between April & May for Crawshaw inviting him to visit CRC to learn radiotelemetry invite for seminar

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