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almost every day - seeking each other out between 0900-1100 hours. Encounters involve lots of running but no serious aggression.

[[circled]] B [[/circled]] Copns: 

No births except Maria; eldest ♀ of Wich group copulated with Lancelot & Prometheus of N.O. group.
Jodue has copulated with her brothers, Juan & Pepe.

Limited copulatory activity in N.O. group.

[[circled]] C [[/circled]] Encounters & tree holes:
Wichita uses only natural den holes now since their original box is inhabited by bees. (They have smoked out the bees several times.)
Assistants don't know where they are sleeping since they get

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14 Feb

to study area too late & leave too early.

Encounters are very ritualistic & similar to those of wild tamarins.

[[underlined]] Carlos group [[/underlined]]
Laurenz recently trapped them. There are [[strikethrough]] two [[/strikethrough]] ^[[at least 2]] litters [four young].
Weights ~ 290, 290, 237, 270
which don't correlate particularly well with body size. However, there are probably 2 litters of 2.

Laurenz also caught the 1♀, 1♂, 1 SA ♀ (from last year), and saw 4th animal. Missing were ^[[either]] the 2nd adult ♂ [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]] ^[[or]] the 2nd ^[[adult]] ♀. Not clear whether latter had died, disappeared, or just temporarily missing, nor which animal was gone.

The untrapped animals apparently wanted to get to trapped young, so it may well
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