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Original scanned September 27, 2002. Reduced Print - for full-sized print, see Davis Box 163, Folder 3.

[[page from newspaper]]
^[[Nov 3 45]]
Page 24 The Journal and Guide SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1945
Nucleus of Colored Peacetime Air Units [[3 stars]]
[[Image - stylized drawing of wings - several numbered portraits of men in uniform with large drawing of Col. Benjamin Davis in the center -  columns listing the names and titles are on each side]] 


[[1st Column]]

1. COL. Benjamin O. Davis
Washington D.C.
Commanding Officer

2. MAJ. William A. Campbell
Tuskegee Md, Commanding [[?]] 79th

3. CAPT. Charles I. Williams
Line Ohio Commanding OH 417th [[?]] Sq

4. CAPT. Elmore M. Kennedy Jr.
Philadelphia PA [[??]] Sq

5. MAJ. Andrew P. Turner
Washington DC, Deputy Commander

6. MAJ. Thomas J. Money
Chicago, IL Executive Officer

7. CAPT. Thomas M. Clark
Baltimore, MD Adjutant

8. CAPT. John R Beverly
Paulshore NJ Intelligence Officer

9. CAPT. Dudley W. Stevenson
Washington DC, Communications Officer

10. MAJ Edward C. Gleed
Kansas City, MO Operations Officer

11. CAPT. Robert E. Smith
Detroit, Mich. Engineering Officer

12. LT. Henry D. Moore
Chicago IL Ordinance Officer

13. LT. Willis J. Hubert
Savannah GA, Statistical Officer

14. MAJ. Elmer D. Jones
Washington DC, Director of Maintenance & Survey
Co; 38th Air Service Group

15. CAPT. Omar D. Blair
Los Angeles, Ca Commanding Officer 150th [[?]]

16. LT. Robert S Lawery
Louisville KY, Adjutant

17. CAPT. Lott S. Carter
Marlboro Ohio, [[?]] Officer

18. LT. John L.S. Holloman
Washington DC Group Surgeon

19. LT. Emmett J. Rice
New York City Statistical Officer

20. Capt Gerald L Hayden
South Bend, MD Group Captain

21. CAPT. Herbert E Carter
Amory, Miss. Commanding Officer [[?]] Air Engineering Sqdn

22. LT. James A. G. Grant
Memphis Tenn, Intelligence Officer Base  Intelligence Officer

23. MAJ. William B. Edelin
Washington DC Executive Officer 113th [[air?]] Base unit

24. CAPT. Edward B. McCarroll
Newark NJ, [[?]] Adjutant
[[/1st column]]
[[2nd column]]
477th Composite Group

25. CAPT. James W. Redden
[[?]] NJ, Director of [[P..?]]

26. MAJ. George W. Webb
Washington DC, Deputy Commander CO [[Subscript?]]

27. MAJ. Lee Rayford
Washington DC, Operations Officer

28. MAJ. Vance H. Marchbanks
Tuskegee [[Adj?]] Base Surgeon 477th [[?]]

29. LT. William J. Parks
Asbury Park NJ Provost Marshall

30. MAJ. Douglas L.T. Robinson
Philadelphia PA, 477th Group Chaplain

31. Lt. John D. Silvera
New York City  Public Relations Office

32. Maj. George L. Knox
Indianapolis Ind   Air Instructor

33. Lt. Francis A. Ranseur
Winston Salem S.C.   [[?]] Officer

34. Capt. Elizabeth Hampton
Los Angeles, Ca.  Commanding [[Ofc?]] Sqdr "1" [[?]]

35. Lt. Junius R. Savage
St Louis, Mo. [[?]] Officer

36. Capt. Charles R. Stanton
Los Angeles, Cal.  Director of [[?]]

37. Capt. Carl B. Taylor
[[?]] NY Classification officer

38. Capt. William R. Ming
Washington DC Base [[Legal?]] Officer

39. Lt. William H. Coleman
Philadelphia Pa.  [[?]] Officer

40. Lt. George S. Lima
New York City  [[?]] Officer

41. Capt. Everett F. Norrow
[[?]] N.J. Personnel Services Ofc

42. Capt. James. B. Ray
[[Carl?]] Ky Signal Officer

43. Capt. George E. Panell
Chicago Ill.  Base Gunnery Officer
[[/column 2]]
[[best guesses and unreadable(?)]]
The principal purpose of Godman Field is the training of the 477th Composite Group.  The 477th is comprised of 3 units: the 95th? Fighter Squadron, and the 63rd? ? ? , 68th Support Squadron.
 The 387th Air Service Group performs the many services? necessary to ? ? ? ?.  ? ?
 These units are supported by the 168th? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Drawn by Col. ? C? Smith, Jr. for the Public? Relations? Office of ? Field and published? by the Press Bureau War Department Bureau of Public Relations.]]  
[[/page from newspaper]]

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Transcription Notes:
Numerous unreadable words. mandc: I note that all names are uppercase, but did not change them. Took a shot at the LEGEND part which is pretty much all guesses. Believe this newspaper is on microfilm in Library of Congress.

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