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[[images - black & white photographs of members of the 618th Bombardment Squadron]]

LEVERT V. MIDDLETON, Flight Officer, Bombardier
CHARLES J. QUANDER, Flight Officer, Pilot
HARRIS H. ROBNETT, JR., Flight Officer, Pilot
JESSE H. SIMPSON, Flight Officer, Pilot
PAUL W. SCOTT, Flight Officer, Bombardier-Navigator
WAYMAN SURCEY, Flight Officer, Pilot

SAINT M. TWINE, JR., Flight Officer, Pilot
FRED E. VELASQUEZ, Flight Officer, Pilot
MORRIS J. WASHINGTON, Flight Officer, Pilot
ALVIN X. WATERS, Flight Officer, Bombardier-Navigator
JOHN E. WILSON, Flight Officer, Bombardier
EUGENE L. WOODSON, Flight Officer, Bombardier-Navigator



DAVIS, Herbert, 1/Sgt., 701 Nebraska, San Antonio, Tex.
CRENCHAU, Charles M., M/Sgt., 1914 Denison St., Little Rock, Ark.
BEST, Eugene, T/Sgt., 622 E. Jackson St., Thomasville, Ga.
DUNLAP, James D., T.Sgt., 803 Washington St., Paducah, Ky.
MALLORY, Albert H., T/Sgt., 5817 St. Antoine St., Detroit, Mich.
McFERREN, Marold A., T/Sgt., 1335 W. Hastings St., Chicago, Ill.


ATKINSON, Lionel, S/Sgt., 1352 Clinton Ave., Bronx, N. Y.
BAILEY, William S., S/Sgt., 1414 Sandusky St., Pittsburgh, Pa.
BATTEN, William T. S/Sgt., 210-K W. 153rd St., New York, N. Y.
CHRISTINE, John W., S/Sgt., 7322 Tioga, Pittsburgh, Pa.
GRIMES, Raymond N., S/Sgt., 1119 Lamont St., N.W., Washington, D. C.
HAILSTOCK, Frank M., Jr., S/Sgt., 409 Walnut St., Sewickley, Pa.


HALL, James E., S/Sgt. 1614 Ninth Ave., Huntington, W. Va.
HARRIS, Lee, S/Sgt., 4412 South Parkway, Chicago, Ill
HARRISON, Cornelius P., S/Sgt., 614 S. Adams St., Petersburg, Va.
HERBERT, Norman E., S/Sgt., 2313 N. Camac St., Philadelphia, Pa.
HICKS, Fred, S/Sgt., 401 S. Seminole St., Wewoka, Okla.
HUGHES, Clayton M., S/Sgt., 3820 Fifth Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn.


JONES, James A., S/Sgt., 314 West 112th St., New York, N. Y.
KEENE, Frank K., S/Sgt., 526 N. Illinois Ave., Atlantic City, N. J.
LAKE, Willie, S/Sgt., 805 Caroline St., Jacksonville, Fla.
LEFROY, Albert, S/Sgt., 2309 Conti St., New Orleans, La.
LEROY, James B., S/Sgt., 327 E. Market St., Xenia, Ohio
MACK, Alfred G., S/Sgt., 1618 Garfield St., Middletown, Ohio


MARABLE, James P., S/Sgt., Rt. 1, Malone, Ala.
MATHIS, Robert L, S/Sgt., 306 Cherry St., Waco, Tex.
MILLS, Perry, S/Sgt., General Delivery, Lorado, W. Va.
MOORE, Edward C., S/Sgt., Uniontown, Ala.
NEWTON, Vernon Y., S/Sgt., 1629 Westwood Ave., Baltimore, Md.
PORTER, George W., S/Sgt., Rt. 1, Box 45, Slidell, La.
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