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[[images - black & white photographs of members of the 617th Bombardment Squadron]]

THOMPSON, David A., Cpl., Galt St., New Albany, Ind.
TRAYLOR, Joseph H., Cpl., 812 East Ninth St., Chattanooga, Tenn.
TRICE, Frederick D., Cpl., 4506 Champlain Ave. Chicago, Ill.
VAUGHN, Abb R., Cpl., Cpl., 4543 St. Ferdinand Ave., St. Louis, Mo.
WARE, Jesse, Cpl.
WASHINGTON, Clarence, Cpl., 1004-L Zion St., Mobile, Ala.

WATSON, Eugene, Cpl.
WEBSTER, Sherman N., Cpl., Rt. 2, Box 138, Chesnee, S. C.
WELCH, Cornelius C., Cpl., 4160A Albine Ave., St. Louis, Mo.
WELLS, James R., Cpl., 1120 Second St., Bradenton, Fla.
WHITE, Irvin W., Cpl., 1717 Butler St., Philadelphia, Pa.
WILLIAMS, Maurice, Cpl., 696 East St., Memphis, Tenn.

WILLIAMMS, Odie E., Cpl., 1630 Carver Lane, St. Louis, Mo.
WORMLEY, Lonnie, Cpl., 220 Connelly St., San Antonio, Tex.
AVERY, Wrochell E., Pfc., Rt. 42 Morganton, N.C.
BRINTLEY, Baxter L., Pfc., 302 Buffalo St., Shelby, N.C.
BROOKS, Alfred, Pfc., Georgetown, S.C.
BROWN, Eric D., Pfc., 1077 Fox St. The Bronx, N.Y.

BROWN, Lewis S., Pfc., R 1544 N.W. 10th Ave., Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
BROWN, Lionel B. Pfc., 5606 Perry Ave., Chicago, Ill.
COOPER, Onie, Pfc., Warden, La.
CRITTENDON, Sam L., Pfc., 1004 W. College St., Florence, Ala.
DIXON, Benjamin, Pfc., 1518 N. Mount St., Baltimore, Md.
FOY, Charlie, Pfc., Winston-Salem, N.C.

FRAZIER, Marion, Pfc., 500 West 157th St., New York, N.Y.
GREENE, Fletcher A., Pfc., 2020 Madison Ave., Baltimore, Md.
HART, Percy L., Pfc., 577 E. Warren Ave., Detroit, Mich.
GOUDY, John R., Pfc.
HOLMES, George S., Pfc., 2426-K N.W., Washington, D.C.
HURDLE, Esper L., Pfc., Box 111, Driver, Va.

JOHNSON, Archie, Pfc., 641 W. Ninth St., Cincinnati, Ohio.
KEARNEY, Junious, Pfc., Star Rt., Box 51, Warrenton, N.C.
LIDDELL, Lee F., Pfc., 758 Cherry St., Grenada, Miss.
MAYNARD, Frank, Jr., Pfc., Burlington, N.C.
McFADDEN, Robert, Pfc., 207 1/2 Bladen St., Wilmington, N.C.
MOREHEAD, Norman, Pfc.

NELSON, Roscoe, Pfc.
NEWMAN, J.B., Pfc., Rt. 1, Ozark, Ala.
NORTON, John E., Pfc., 835 S. Fayett St., Jackson-ville Ill.
ODEN, Thomas L., Pfc., 1125 S. 16th., Philadelphia, Pa.
POLLARD, Arthur, Pfc., 271 Amhur St., E. Orange, N.J.
PORTER, Bennie, Pfc., 1010 N. Trade St., Winston-Salem, N.C.

REQUER, Clinton C., Pfc., 354 Cuba St., Mobile, Ala. 
REYNOLDS, Earl C., Pfc., 115 East Fifth Ave., Corsicana, Tex.
ROBERTS, Milton E. Pfc., 1408 Geary St., San Francisco, Calif.
SAMBRONE, John A., Pfc., 977 E. 48th St., Los Angeles, Calif.
WHITE, Eddie, Pfc., Rt. 7, Box 309, Marshall, Tex.
WILLIAMS, Earl L., Pfc., 801 Dakata St., Coffeyville, Kan.

ALLEN, Henry, J., Pvt., 219 Hopkinson Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y.
BASS, Merle, Pvt., 1814 Post St., San Francisco, Calif.
BIGGS, John, Pvt., 79 McDonough Blvd., Atlanta, Ga.
CARPENTER, Robert C., Pvt., 402 S. Olive St., San Antonio, Tex.
HAYGOOD, William K., Pvt., 15539 Twelfth St., Detroit, Mich.
KENYON, Lewis, Pvt., 107 Trowbridge St., Detroit, Mich.

MOSS, Henry B., Pvt., 2427 East 59th St., Cleveland, Ohio.
SHEPHERD, Lewis, Pvt., 917 Ripley St., Davenport, Iowa.
THOMAS, Arnett J., Pvt., 3033 Indiana Ave., Chicago, Ill.
TUCKER, W. C., Pvt., 2233 Randolph St., St. Louis, Mo.
WHITTAKER, Henry, Jr., Pvt., Box 99 Centerville, La.

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