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[[images - black & white photographs of members of the 617th Bombardment Squadron]]

NORMAN, Sidney, Cpl., 724 14th St., Newport News, Va.
NORRIS, Howard B., Cpl., Ct. 1, Apt. 5, Rosewood Cts., Austin, Tex.
OTEN, Henry J., Cpl., 279 Wendsor St., Hartford, Conn.
PITTS, Harold L., Cpl., 1118 Jackson Ave., Bronx, N. Y.
POOLE, Lloyd H., Cpl., 3708 Horne St., Ft. Worth, Tex.
POWELL, H. J., Cpl. Madison, W. Va.

PROUDIE, Reuben, Cpl., 4308 Moffitt Court, Apt. 0, St. Louis, Mo.
ROBERSON, Nathaniel M., Cpl., 369 E. 53rd St., Chicago, Ill.
ROBERTS, Welton, Cpl., Box 177, Decalb, Miss.
SMITH, Willie E., Cpl., Gatesville, Tex.
STOCKETT, Robert E., Cpl., 1718 Dean St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
SWEETING, Charles, Cpl., 327 Harmon, Detroit, Mich.

TINCH, Robert J., Cpl., 77 Copeland St., Boston, Mass.
TOMKIES, Douglas, Cpl., 1638 Weinstock St., Shreveport, La.
TURNER, Thomas W., Cpl., 1261 Hinkley St., Detroit, Mich.
WALES, Louis W., Cpl., 1261 Hinkley St., New York, N. Y.
WALKER, John E., Cpl., 14 Beaver St., Ansonia, Conn.
WHEATON, Fred, Cpl., 920 N. Seventh St., Fredonia, Ky.

WILLIAMS, Albert, Cpl.
WILLIAMS, Albert, Cpl.
WILLIAMS, Leonard, Cpl.
WILLIAMS, Richard S., Cpl., 178 West Springfield St., Boston, Mass.
WILLIS, Samuel C., Cpl., 16 Irbing St., Wilson, Conn.
WRIGHT, A. V., Cpl., 5 Nelson Ave., Peekskill, N. Y.

YOUNG, John W., Cpl., 447 Park Ave., Clairton, Pa.
BAKER, Thomas, Pfc., Rt. 1, Box 249, Arlington, Tenn.
BAXTER, Charles H., Pfc., Cerro Gordo, N. C.
BREWSTER, Walter A., Pfc, 51 Grove St., Hempstead, N. Y.
COLSTON, Fred, Pfc., Salisbury, N. C.
DUNLAP, Frank M., Pfc., 4461 Page Blvd., St. Louis, Mo.

FOSTER, Wilfred B., Pfc., 543 Medburry St., Detroit, Mich.
GROSS, Kenneth R., Pfc., 45 Olney St., Providence, R. I.
HULL, James S., Pfc., 1214 S. 23rd St., Philadelphia, Pa.
JACKSON, Andrew L., Jr., Pfc., 150 Prospect St., Providence, R. I.
JACKSON, John E., Pfc., 2022 Second St., N.W., Washington, D. C.
JACKSON, John H., Pfc., 1747 W. 13th St., Chicago, Ill.

MALLORY, W. R., Pfc., 613 16th St., N.E., Washington, D. C.
MAYFIELD, John, Pfc., J 143 Bainkridge St., Philadelphia, Pa.
McGILL, Simuel D., Pfc., 4806 South Parkway, Chicago, Ill.
McRAE, John D., Pfc., South Orange Ave., Newark, N. J.
OWENS, Frank R., Pfc., 1159 Fulton Ave., Bronx, N. Y.
PEN RICE, Desoto, Pfc., 1208 Andrews St., Houston, Tex.

PINKNEY, Louis, Pfc., Baton Rouge, La.
SAULSBURY, Curtix, Pfc., 91 Henry St., New Haven, Conn.
SMITH, Arnold A., Pfc.
STARKS, John E., Pfc., 1472 E. 103rd St., Los Angeles, Calif.
THOMPSON, Joseph F., Pfc., 1011 Steffens, Cincinnati, Ohio.
THOMAS, Wray, Pfc., 1410 Gennessee St., Houston, Tex.

WELLS, Rufus D ,.Pfc., 944 Marshall Ava., Norfolk, Va.
WILSON, C. F., Pfc., 1862 S. Millard Ave., Chicago, Ill.
WINSTON, Elmer N., Pfc., 3922 N. Smedley St., Philadelphia, Pa.
WOODS, Neely E., Pfc., 530 Peachtree St., Gaffney, S. C.
YOUNG, Leo J., Pfc., 1011 16th St., Bakersfield, Calif.
SOUTHALL, James S., Pvt., 1328 Locust St., McKeesport, Pa.

THOMAS, Gilbert, Pvt., Rt. 2, Box 124, Opelousas, La.
TODD, James E., Pvt., 801 W. Bowery St., Akron, Ohio.
BETHEL, Henry W., 205 Washington Dr., Miami, Fla.
KIRBY, Elmet D., 2641 Sherman St., Detroit, Mich.
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