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[[images - black & white photographs of members of the 590th Materiel Squadron]]


PURIFIE, Jesse A., Cp., 1033 1/2 Oakdale Ave., Toledo, Ohio.
RANDOLPH, Harry N., Cpl., 88 Herzl St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
RICHARDSON, Simon R., Cpl., 610 Latimer Pl., Tulsa, Okal.
RILEY, Theodore R., Cpl., 547 W. 158th St., New York, N. Y.
SEALE, Samuel L., Cpl., 609 Second St., Birmingham, Ala.
SIMMONS, Clarence D., Cpl., 1812 W. Diamond St., Philadelphia.


SMITH, Andrew, Cpl., 2224 Calliope St., New Orleans, La. 
THOMAS, Love P., Cpl., 5450 S. State St. Chicago, Ill.
WILLIAMS, Samuel B., Cpl., 728 W. Walker St., Denison, Tex.
WILSON, Kenneth, Cpl., 6021 Calumet Ave., Chicago, Ill.
ADKISSON, Robert D. Pfc., 8 Murrell St., Nashville, Tenn.
BOYD, Thomas, Pfc., 1649 N. Wornock St. Philadelphia, Pa.


CLINCY, Cleveland, Pfc., Flora, Miss.
CROSS, Otis W., Pfc., Renfroe, Ala.
CRUTCHFIELD, Edwin C., Pfc., 770 Coates St., Coatesville, Pa.
DENNIS, Elbert A., Pfc., 1704 Gratz St., Philadelphia, Pa.
DOZIER, Willie F., Pfc., 190 Merrittis Ave., Atlanta, Ga.
DUPREE, Neal, Pfc. 


FAISON, John, Pfc., Brunswick, N.C.
FEATHERSON, Herbert L., Pfc., 414 N. Greenwood Ave., Winston-Salem, N.C.
FOSTER, Isiah, Pfc., 820 E. 32 1/2 St. Houston, Tex.
GARRED, Norman L., Pfc., 2641 Greenup Ave., Asheland, Ky.
GARY, Walter, Pfc., 2532 W. Dakota St., Philadelphia, Pa.


GREEN, Leslie, Pfc., 5336 Beaubier, Detroit, Mich.
HAWKINS, Ralph, Pfc., 622 Jasper, Baltimore, Md.
HENRY, Steven, Pfc., 149 E. Iowa Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 
JEFFERIES, Zeman, Pfc., 796 S. Lugan St., Gaffney, S.C.
KELLY, Herbert, Pfc., 93 Jensen Dr., Houston, Tex.
LATHAN, Joseph A., Pfc., 384 Bellevue St., Hartford, Conn.


MILTON, Operice, Pfc., 3437 Prairie Ave., Chicago, Ill.
MINOR, Tommie, Pfc., Eighth Ave., Birmingham, Ala.
MITCHELL, Richard B., Pfc., 518 W. Pine St., Lexington, Ky.
MONTGOMERY, John A., Pfc., Menlow, Ga.
MURPHY, William E., Pfc., 33 West 128th St., New York, N.Y.
NELSON, Samuel, Pfc., Rt. 1, Box 79, Summerton, S.C.


NUNN, Willie, Pfc., 203 S. Ripple St. Samson, Ala.
PICKENS, Elias, Pfc., Bluefield, W. Va.
PREWITT, James C., Pfc., 476 High St., Memphis, Tenn.
RUTLEDGE, Jesse P., Pfc., 340 56th St., Fairfield Sta., Birmingham, Ala.
SHAVIS, Flanders, Pfc., 525 Glodis St., Los Angeles, Calif.
SHELTON, Bill, Pfc., 304 Ivanhoe St., Perry, Okla.


SIMMONS, Otis, Pfc., Summerville, S.C.
SMITH, Earsley W., Pfc., 19 Sixth Ave., Birmingham, Ala.
SMITH, Maceo L., Pfc., 698 Larkin St., Apt. 474, Atlanta, Ga.
STALLINGS, T. J., Pfc., 351 Taylor St., Augusta, Ga. 
TERRELL, Alex, Jr., Pfc., 1713 Eighth Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 
THOMAS, Roosevelt, Pfc., 812 Manginal St., Port Gibson, Miss. 


WALL, Jasper C., Pfc., 1409 S. Galvez St., New Orleans, La.
WALLACE, Warren H., Pfc., 816 Scot St., Talladega, Ala.
WILSON, David R., Pfc., 1142 Mary St., Akron, Ohio.
BILLUPS, Printess S., Pfc., 2104 Dumaine St., New Orleans, La.
CASS, James N., Pfc., 4216 Brush St., Detroit, Mich.
DIXON, Marion, Pvt., 103 S. Griffen St., Florence, S.C.


MOORE, John, Pvt., 314 E. Bellmont St., Pensacola, Fla.
THOMAS, Revo, Pvt., 352 W. 117th St., New York, N.Y.
WASHINGTON, Sheffield S., Pvt., 922 Evans St., Tallahassee, Fla. 
WINLEY, Arthur C., Pvt., 28 Hawkin St., Georgetown, S.C. 

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