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Prairie View College
Prairie View, Texas
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1924 Program 1925
National Objective 1924-25: We unite in a determination to live, unreservedly Jesus' law of love in all our relationships and thus to know God.
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Local Needs.
1. Physical
2. Social
3. Spiritual
4. To live life at its best

1. Games
Play hours
Basket Ball
2. Talks by Nurse
3. Plays and Pageants
4. Study
(a) General Health
(b) Health Inventory
(c) My Health Book

1. Etiquette Project
2. Campus Standards
(a) Honor, Student Government, Gossip
(b) Social discriminations, Cliques, K. K. K.
(c) Race, National, World relations
3. Relationship between men and women
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[[column 2]]
1. Bible Study
2. Prayer meetings
3. Vesper Service
4. Personal Devotions
5. World Fellowship
6. Recognition Service

Tools for Projects
Discussion Groups
Plays and Pageants
Bulletin Board

Books Suggested for Personal Devotions:
1 Girls Year Book
2. Books of Prayer for Students
3. Christ in Poetry
4. Beatitudes in Modern Speech

Local Purpose
The Student Young Women's Christian Association of Prairie View College unite this scholastic year 1924-25 for the physical, social and spiritual development of the young women to the end that we shall live life at its best.
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