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Thesis: Proper planning for effective utilization of manpower in a future war demands passage by Congress of a National Service Act now.

I: Introduction to the problem of manpower utilization in a future war.

A. Manner of utilization of resources may be difference between victory and defeat.

B. In spite of technological advances, man is still the fundamental instrument of war.

C. The next war will be a total war, a struggle of national potentials.

D. Effective utilization of manpower is the key to rapid mobilization of national potential.

II. Description of manpower mobilization during World War II.

A. No plans existed for utilization of manpower at the beginning of the war.

B. Description of World War II administration of manpower.

C. Difficulties encountered under the principle of voluntary cooperation.

D. Waste of time and inefficient utilization of manpower characterized World War II mobilization.

III. A National Service Act will be required for mobilization for a future war.

A. Selective Service concept is outmoded in total war, the homefront