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civilian has a duty to the nation equal to that of the man in uniform. The National Service concept applies in total war.

B. Outline of provisions for a proposed National Service Act.

C. A National Service Act should be passed by Congress now.

1. Public will support it, if facts are properly presented.

2. It is especially needed, because future mobilization will be more difficult than World War II mobilization.

IV. Possibility if future war being a short war of forces in being rather than a long production war does not rule out National Service.

A. It is possible that we will not use atomic weapons in a future war; if we do not, the war will probably be a long war.

B. If we do use atomic weapons, are we positive that our quick knockout blow will be recognized by the Russians as being decisive?

C. We cannot gamble national security on conjecture and imponderables; our mobilization planning must include mobilization of our full national potential.