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EDWARD H BENNETT Architect Phone : HAR-ian 5315 ^[[off]] res: 1316 Ritchie ^[[Court  [[underlined]]TelePhonie[[/underlined] ]] Superior [[0341]] ^[[res]]

December the twenty-seventh 1924.

Edward H. Bennett, Esq.,
80 E, Jackson Boulevard
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Mr. Bennett :-

As I contemplate coming to Chicago, on January 3rd, for a brief visit, with Mr. Germain Seligmann, the Head of our Firm, we would very much like to be given the privilege of seeing your home, which we have heard so much about.

Upon our arrival, I will take the liberty of ringing you up to find out whether and when it would be convenient for you to receive us.

Taking this opportunity of wishing you the Compliments of the Season, and looking forward to seeing you again,

Believe me to be,

Yours very truly,