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[[preprinted letterhead]]
Edward P. Russell  
Robert J. Fischer  

Walter S. Brewster 
Member New York Stock Exchange   

Cordova L. Peniston
William W. Sutherland

Russell, Brewster & Co.,
Founded by Edward L. Brewster 1872.
Stocks & Bonds,
135 So. La Salle St.
Chicago, ^[[October 28, 1937]] 
[[/preprinted letterhead]]

Mr. R. H. Waegen
Jacques Seligmann & Co., Inc.
3 East 51st Street
New York, New York

Dear Mr. Waegen:

Replying to your letter of October 25th to Mrs. Brewster, I very much regret to say that I do not see how I can arrange to send on the Picasso painting in time to reach you before the opening of your exhibition.

We are just in process of moving into our town house and I do not think I could get the picture packed and shipped. Perhaps another time we shall be able to be of assistance.

Very truly yours,

[[signature]] Walter S. Brewster [[/signature]]