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December 7th., 1943.

Dear Mrs. Brewster:

This is just a personal note to tell you what a great pleasure it was to see you and Mr. Brewster again and to thank you for all your kindness. Please excuse its being typewritten but I am anxious to have it go off as quickly as possible.

Those three or four days in Chicago were just a whirl of parties, everyone having been so very nice to me.

I am keeping my promise and am sending you a bottle of the Mexican Gin I was talking about. I know that it would be more appropriate to send flowers or chocolates to a lady, but we are in 1943 and "there is a war on" and I hope, therefore, that you will accept this in its true spirit.

In a few days, after straightening out some pressing things here, I shall write to you again in connection with out little business talk. In the meantime, may I ask you to be good enough to remember me to Mr. Brewster, and 

With personal regards,
Sincerely yours,

Mrs. Walter Brewster,
2704 No. Lakeview Ave.,
Chicago, Ill.

(Germin Séligmann)