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PERU (Cont.)
CURRENCY...The sol is the monetary unit of Peru. It is worth about 7 cents. Dollars may be exchanged freely at banks or money exchange houses. ^[[15:70 for $1 in Cambio]]

CUSTOM REGULATIONS FOR UNITED STATES CITIZENS AND DOCUMENTS REQUIRED...United States passport; vaccination certificate. For more than two days' visit ^[[30ยข to REGISTER]] Peruvian visa (to obtain this you need health certificate, smallpox vaccination certificate and police certificate).

DRUG STORES...There are many drug stores along Jiron de la Union, which is Lima's main shopping street. Most well-known American products available here.

FAUNA...The llama ("yahma") indispensable beast of the highlands is the most notable animal in Peru. 

FLORA...All kinds of flowers (orchids, roses, geraniums, violets, etc.).

FOOD...Fish and native shrimps are among the best in the world. Some local dishes are on the hot side such as tamales and frijoles very much like those found in Mexico and Guatemala. Aji is a favorite spice. [[underlined]] Pisco [[/underlined]] ^[[good]] is the native brandy and favorite drink. Place abounds in [[underlined]] Chinese restaurants [[/underlined]] because of large oriental population. Most restaurants cater to international tastes. ^[[good]] But try Anticuchos, bits of beef heart or sea food broiled over charcoal on skewers with hot sauce.

GAMBLING...Everyone here plays the  various lotteries. But tourists are warned to watch drawing dates. There is horse racing every Sunday from April to December at the Hipodromo de San Felipe. Cockfighting Sundays and holidays in various local arenas.

LANGUAGE...Spanish, of course, but English is spoken and understood in the hotels, shops and other places you will frequent.

LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING FACILITIES...American dry cleaners (Conquistadores 655, San Isidro) Lina Dry Cleaners (Avenida Petit Thouars 31st block) Giesman (Huallaga 918) Hotel Bolivar Dry Cleaning. All of these dry cleaners take three days and give good results.

LIQUOR... Pisco, a native grape brand is cheap and not bad when you get used to it. All well-known brands of liquor are obtainable at about the same cost as in the United States. A good beer is brewed in Peru. And bartenders can make your favorite cocktails. South American wines are available as are red and white wines produced locally. These last are cheap and good. The native champagne is well liked.

MEDICAL FACILITIES...Anglo-American Hospital in San Isidro, also Clinica Loayza; Clinica Lozada (English spoken). Private Medical Doctor: James Nettles, 2 de May 810, San Isidro. George Graham, American Clinic Guillermo Garrido Lecca, Edif. Rimac 3er. piso, Lima, C. J. Congrains, Paseo Colon 390.

^[[MANY]] MOTION PICTURES...Latest American movies are shown in Lima. Best movie theatre costs about a quarter. Principal theatres are the Tacna in Avenida Tacna, the Metro in Plaza San Martin, Colon in Plaza San Martin, City Hall in Avenida Venezuela. Teatro Central in Jiron Ica. Most of the movie pictures are in English.

MUSIC...The National Symphony Orchestra plays at the outdoor auditorium of the Campo de Marte on Sundays during their summer. There are also performances by famous pianists and violinists who pass through Lima.

NIGHT CLUBS AND CABARETS...Most important include Hotel Bolivar Grill (at the Hotel Bolivar), Embassy (Plaza San Martin) and Ciro's (the newest). The Negro-Negro (Plaza San Martin). La Cabana in the Parque de la Exposicion has dancing. But Lima is not much of a night-club town.

PAN AMERICAN-GRACE AIRWAYS' OFFICE...Offices, Hotels Bolivar, Crillon and  Edificio Grace (Tel. 11900).

RELIGION...Peru, of course, is Catholic and there are many magnificent cathedrals. Most important Catholic cathedral is in the Plaza de Armas (Pizarro's body is buried there). La Merced in Jiron Union. San Agustin in Plateros de San Agustin. Santo Domingo in Santo Domingo Street.

RESTAURANTS...The hotels have some of the best food in Lima. ^[[Crillon best food]] But there are a few other spots which are musts. Lima's large oriental population is responsible for the many Chinese restaurants, called Chifas. The best is the Kuo Wa, ^[[good]] just off the Plaza de Armas. Succulent Peruvian dishes served at Chez Victor. ^[[always good]] [[strikethrough]] Maury Hotel [[/strikethrough]] has old fashioned dining room, noted for Creole food. La Laguna, at Parque Confraternidad, is delightful in Peru's summer. Chez Ivez features authentic French menu. Country Club has a wonderful kitchen and a fine terrace for summer luncheon or dinner. A visit to the Grandja Azul on the road to Chosica is an absolute must. Delicious chicken, steaks.

SHOPS AND STORES...The city's main shopping thoroughfare ^[[NOTHING CHEAP]] is the Jiron Union. It starts at the Plaza San Martin. The main store for men and women is "Oeschle" in Plaza de Armas. For silver, Welsch, Kohler, Murguia, Piaget, Siam, all of them in Jiron Union. For leather works: Pedro D. Diaz in Jiron Union; For men "Crevani,""Marchand" in Jiron Union. For antiques and Incaic curiosities, Casa Salazar and "Old Cuzco" in Jiron Union. Shops close at 12:30 and open at 3:00 P.M. closing at 7:00 P.M.

SIGHTSEEING...There is a lot to be seen in the city of Lima of course. Then there are the nearby beaches of Ancon, La Punta, Agua Dulce and Herradura. There is train, trolley or bus service to all of them. Pucusana fifty miles down the coast, is a fishing center. In Lima start at the Plaza de Armas designed by Pizarro. Here is the Cathedral, the Government Palace and the residence of the President.

The National Museum containing the Inca relics is, of course, a must. ^[[WONDERFUL]] [[underlined]] Quinta de Presa, the Palace of the Perricholi, Peru's [[/underlined]] famous "gay lady" who captured the heart of the Spanish viceroy in the eighteenth century, is one of the sights to be seen. Lima is proud of its museums and there are several. Long shaded boulevards lead you to some of the most beautiful suburbs and residential sections in the world. The church of San Francisco which dates from the sixteenth century has a gold encrusted altar and Santo Domingo is one of the handsomest churches in Lima.

The [[underlined]] University of San Marcos [[/underlined]] is the oldest university in the Americas, founded May 21, 1551. It is near the Plaza San Martin.

The [[underlined]] Torre Tagle Palace[[/underlined]] is an excellent example of Lima's golden age. Its architecture is Spanish Rococo.

Callao is the port of Lima about eight miles from the city. You reach it by bus, trolley or taxi. Fishing pier and several clubs. Further down the coast there are the beaches mentioned above. There are good hotels at all of them.

PACHACAMAC...About twenty miles away from the capital ^[[INTERESTING]] are the pre-Inca ruins of Pachacamac. Here are  the remains of the Temple of the Creator-God which predates by a long, long time the Inca Temple to the Sun which was erected near it. Recent excavations have disclosed tombs, walls and irrigation ditches. Allow about three hours for this trip which can be made by taxi or hired car.

HUANCAYO...can be reached by one of the most spectacular rail trips in the world. The Central Railroad crosses passes 10,000 to 15,000 feet high. Oxygen is carried for passengers who may need it. Huancayo is an ancient Inca center. Today it is the site of the one of the most extraordinary Indian markets in the world. Every Sunday the Indians crowd the main streets with their wares. They utter almost no sound at all. The silence is the thing that hits you.

CUZCO...This city, the ancient capital of the Incas is 10,400 feet above sea level. The city is a mixture of Spanish and Inca civilizations. There are Spanish Cathedrals on Inca foundations. Carved stones that are definitely Inca are built into Spanish structures. Even the Spanish churches have some Inca stonework.

The Cathedral on the Plaza de Armas is the most interesting of the many churches in the city. The altar is of silver. And there is a dragon carved from a single emerald. It is a city of churches, each one of which has interest to the tourist. The Hotel Cuzco is one of a chain of excellent tourist hotels operated throughout Peru by Peruvian Hotel Co. Cuzco is the starting point for Machu Picchu, an 80-mile trip by train or autocarril, an automobile which runs on rail wheels. One day excursions; 2 1/2 hours by air.

MACHU PICCHU...was discovered by Hiram Bingham, the former Senator from Connecticut, in 1911. Here are the magnificent and awe inspiring ruins of an Inca city with houses, temples, a cemetery. High in the Andes, these ruins give silent

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