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Event Date (YYYY-MM-DD) Event Name Participants: Last, First (role);
1999-10-22 "The Unofficial Mayor of Soho," dealer Ivan Karp in dialogue with sculptor Muriel Castanis Ivan Karp (Art Dealer); Muriel Castanis (Sculptor)
1999-10-29 Bi-coastal dealer Molly Barnes interviews the redoubtable Geoffrey Holder. The artist discusses art. Molly Barnes (Art Dealer/Interviewer); Geoffrey Holder (Artist/Interviewee)
1999-11-05 Multi-media versus the traditional arts. Alfred Martinez (Moderator/Multimedia Painter and Professor, University of Connecticut); Jaroslav Andel (Panelist/European Photography and Film Historian); Erik Landsberg (Panelist/Photographer); Nancy E. Wynn (Panelist/Digital Imaging, Hartford Art School); Richard Pitts (Panelist/Professor Fashion Institute of Technology); Alfred Martinez (Organizer)
1999-11-12 Impossible landscapes of the mind Masson (Artist); Ossorio (Artist); Seliger (Artist); Sage (Artist); Nat Herz (Photographer); Amy Ernst (Moderator/Artist and Arts Administrator/Organizer); Dr. Barbara Blooming (Panelist from Hirschl & Adler/Director, Department of American and European Modern Art); Barbara Singer (Panelist from Hirschl & Adler/Photographer); Deborah G. Weider (Panelist from Hirschl & Adler/Associate, Department of American Art)
1999-11-19 MoMA meets the millennium George A. Rada (Moderator/Artist/Lecturer/Art Consultant/Organizer); John Elderfield (Panelists from MoMA/Chief Curator at Large); Maria de Carmen Gonzalez (Panelists from MoMA/Department of Education); Peter Reed (Panelists from MoMA/Curator, Department of Architecture and Design); Maria Fernanda Cardoso (Panelists from MoMA/Artist Commissioned by MoMA); Michael Craig-Martin (Panelists from MoMA/Artist Commissioned by MoMA)
1999-12-03 ATOA's Director Donna Marxer interviews New Yorker critic and author Calvin Tomkins about his long and varied career as an observer of the American scene and its arts and life Donna Marxer (ATOA Director/Interviewer); Calvin Tomkins (Critic, New Yorker/Author)
1999-12-10 Vernita N'Cognita (aka Nemec), ATOA's former director who now leads Viridian Artists, Inc. will explore Peter Plagens's career in variegated colors: artist, art critic at Newsweek and novelist - and how he manages to handle it all Vernita N'Cognita (ATOA's Former Director/Leader, Viridian Artists, Inc.); Peter Plagens (Artist/Art Critic, Newsweek/Novelist)
1999-12-17 "The Artist as Activist, Part II" A second look at why artists are uniquely predisposed to being activists Adrienne Redd (Moderator/Philadelphia-based Art Critic/Sociologist/Lecturer); Brian Kantorek (Co-Coordinater); Panelists to be announced
1999-01-21 Join Artists Talk On Art to toast its 25th anniversary with a dialogue between founders Lori Antonacci and Doug Sheer bringing back rarely seen pictures, audio-video clips and personal memories of the series in a multi-media event Lori Antonacci (Founder of Artists Talk on Art), Doug Sheer (Founder of Artists Talk on Art)
1999-01-28 Artists and feminists Sylvia Sleigh and Cynthia Mailman talk about women artists in the 70s-and since Sylvia Sleigh (Artist), Cynthia Mailman (Artist)
1999-02-04 The artist in the role of art patron Ron Morosan (Moderator, Artist/Curator), James Carrol (Moderator, Director of the New Arts Program), Charles Kessler (Moderator, Founder of Pro Arts), Ron Moroson (Moderator, Organizer)
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