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It is true that we want economy, but the economy as practised by Messrs. Prendergast and McAnen^[[y]] in eliminating waste--not the economy proposed by Mr. McCall in^[[/]]abolishing playgrounds, parks, and recreation centres, because they from his point of view are not interest-bearing properties and therefore unimportant.

But there is another matter you are to decide this coming Tuesday--and that is whether New York State shall continue to lag behind other civilized countries and some of our own states in denying adequate protection to its workers. Today ^[[a man,]] a father of a family of small children may be killed in doing his days' work and leave them utterly destitute with nothing to fall back upon--nothing to look forward to but black despair.

A son, the only support of an old mother may be killed and leave her without any means of support--the workhouse or some charitable institute the last home for this self-respecting old mother, who labored bravely all her days on insufficient wages, and yet raised her son to be an upright man.

A girl, [[strikethrough]] who has had [[/strikethrough]] ^[[may have]] her head scalped and become disfigured for life and suffered days of torture because the belt over the washing machine had no proper guard, and she must thus handicapped meet life which looked so promising and is so desperate. Let me give another fact. I know a girl of seventeen, delicate and fragile, the eldest of four children, the others not of working age. Her father was a laborer, and together they could get enough

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