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After a good deal of discussion back and forth the Finance Committee finally voted to place $25,000 at the disposal of the Mayor's Unemployment Commission and that should work in co-operation with the Federation of Labor. It was really a great accomplishment for it may mean the beginning of a municipal market and this move has been started at the suggestion of the Federation of Labor. Of course we all came away in great excitement. 

The Federation is also sending out an appeal for a voluntary assessment on the entire membership of 25ยข per capita for the first month. This ought to give us about $10,000 as a beginning. The Women's Trade Union League is also sending out the appeal to the allies as the union girls will get the appeal through their individual unions. 

I have been having such a lot of German letters these last days. Raymond and I sent Tante Doris and Tante Magdelene money for Christmas and their letters tell with great delight of a trip they are going to take with it. I also had a letter from Gustel's brother-in-law, Mr. Brassert. They are now staying at Hiddesen. I have also had letters from Tante Meta, Eva, Gretchen Maler and Emmy Duncker. We sent them all calendars or photographs we had taken while there at Christmas time and they all seem very happy about them. 

I have just received the photographs Mary took of you and your bungalow. How exceedingly well and "comfy" you look with all that snow about you. And how jolly that picture of the Christmas tree. I am eagerly looking forward to my visit with you. Perhaps that will come too when I go on strike! 

With much much love, 
[[signature]] Gretchen [[/signature]]

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[[handwritten]] These stories are to sell food & coal at cost to men out of work & thus make their savings last just so much longer. [[/handwritten]

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