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with the mutilated old tree trunks. 

What is most interesting to me here is the life of the people especially the fishermen and their boats and the old fortified town called the Ville Close, built on an island in a pocket of the bay and connected at one time to the mainland with a drawbridge. This has been done away with and a more serviceable structure put in its place. 

The town has and still is full of painters all thinking they are painting the life of the people here and what a lot of sentimental pretty pictures they do turn out! The building [[strikethrough]] or market [[/strikethrough]] in which the market is held looks more like a painting academy than a market; on market days. The costumes of peasants are nearly always interesting and sometimes one sees some that are beautiful in color and design. Nearly every one wears sabots and the women always wear headdresses which are always clean as they can be: one wonders if they put a new one on every day and who their laundress can be. The little children are dressed exactly like the older people so that little girls look like little grandmamas; they mind the babies during the day as most of the women work in the Usines during the summers and the [[strikethrough]] b [[/strikethrough]] men are off in the boats fishing. You ought to be glad you are not a baby in Concarneau! 

There are rumours of the fishermen having another strike, the soldiers were sent for last night and arrived this morning, but I don't believe there has been any trouble as yet. Floss was here at the time of the other strike when they smashed all the machinery in one of the Usines. I was sorry we missed it; we arrived two day latter.

Johnson is modelling reliefs. she has a room not far from here which she uses as a mud pit; just now she is making a relief of some draught horses, it looked very good when I saw it, but she says it is not, so I don't know whether it is good or is not. 

How is your work coming on? Have you worked as hard as you told me you were going to this summer? Hope you have made some
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