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{SPEAKER name="Gordon Ekholm"}
there was one other position, possible position now, ah the Barbados, physical anthropology um--

{SPEAKER name="Shirley Gorenstein"}
I thought the third choice was in archeology -- [[inaudible]] the end of the story.

{SPEAKER name="Gordon Ekholm"}
--Well I can't remember the specific thing, but none of these which were being projected for me at the time came through.

When I was at the time, just after I took my generals, George [[Badin?]] of the American Museum of Natural History was up there and apparently he'd gotten some funds for work in Mexico and was looking for an archaeologist to take on this job, and [[Tahzer?]] recommended me and I went home and got married that summer and then we went to Mexico in the fall on a survey study of northwestern Mexico, of Sonora and Sinaloa.

{SPEAKER name="Shirley Gorenstein"}
And this was in what year?

{SPEAKER name="Gordon Ekholm"}
This was in the fall of 1937. We began work in about the beginning 1938 on this job; went to Mexico with the [[Valiens ?]] in November 1937. They introduced us to all the people in the - in anthropology in Mexico. George [[Valien ?]]at that time was of course very active in the field in Mexico and he introduced us generally to the whole area of Mexico before we came back to the States and started out into western Mexico.
The first, or the intention of this first, job in Mexico was to