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{SPEAKER name="Michael Neufeld"}
TAPE 3, SIDE 2 of interview with Karl Heimburg.


{SPEAKER name="Michael Neufeld"}
NOW, you, uh, at the end of '44 sometime, did you say November
or December, you went to Lehesten?

{SPEAKER name="Karl Heimburg"}
Yes, Yes, to Lehesten.

{SPEAKER name="Michael Neufeld"}
Um huh. And so, did you -- were you added on to a crew of people that had already
been there? I mean, did you expand the operation?

[[Cross Talk]]

{SPEAKER name="Karl Heimburg"}
There was..

{SPEAKER name="Karl Heimburg"}
Ah, we were not -- we were independent of that group which
was there testing the combustion chambers, and what we had in
mind was to create a new test facility for complete vehicles, to
check out things that might come up on the side of the tubes, in
order to correct that.

{SPEAKER name="Karl Heimburg"}
You know, we got some information from the
tubes side, that ah, that ah, had not functioned properly, and that had to be

{SPEAKER name="Karl Heimburg"}
And of course we wanted to continue with that, and
therefore we had in mind, OK, we build a test stand up at
Lehesten; and I believe I had told you that I went to Berlin
after we had the first plans, in order to get the necessary
agreements with them to build it; to get the money for that.

{SPEAKER name="Karl Heimburg"}
And the answer I got at Berlin, which was, "Why don't you go on with your
planning? We think your planning is pretty good." And my
understanding was very clear, OK, you think the war is at an end,
and that is the reason I asked the question, "Does it look that
bad?" and he said, "It looks worse."

{SPEAKER name="Michael Neufeld"}
Umhmm. So you went ahead with trying to build up a new test
stand for total vehi.. complete vehicles before they were shipped to the

[Cross Talk]]

{SPEAKER name="Karl Heimburg"}

{SPEAKER name="Michael Neufeld"}
So was your activity then mainly in planning?

{SPEAKER name="Karl Heimburg"}
Mainly planning. We had no other possibility. Planning.
And then we got the order, you have to go to Oberammergau.

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